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The Board of Building Standards and Building Appeals is a 5-member body responsible for hearing appeals from any order, requirement, decision, or determination of the Commissioner of Building and Housing, or any other administrative official or agency of the City, relating to the location, design, materials, construction, alteration, repair, equipment, use or occupancy, maintenance, removal or demolition of any building or other structure, or appurtenance connected or attached to such buildings or structures, regulated by the Building Code of the City of Cleveland.

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What are the Board of Building Standards and Building Appeals Business Hours?

The Board of Building Standards and Building Appeals business hours are from 7:00am - 4:00pm Monday through Friday.

Is there anything I should do before I file my appeal?

Yes. There may be a way for you to change your plans or your proposal so that it meets the City's code and may not require action by the Board of Building Standards and Building Appeals. Also, it is possible that the problem is a lack of complete information or the need for better communication between you and City staff. Therefore, before you file an appeal, take the opportunity to talk to City staff about any way to resolve the matter without spending the time going through the appeals process.

When will my hearing be held?

The Board of Building Standards and Building Appeals meets every other week on Wednesday mornings in Room 514 on the 5th Floor of Cleveland City Hall. You will be sent a notice in the mail 10 days before your scheduled date, stating the date and time of your hearing. It is important that you list your proper mailing address on your application.

What time should I arrive for my hearing?

It is important that you arrive promptly for your hearing at the time listed on the notice you receive in the mail. However, please understand that more than one case is scheduled for the same day, so you may have to wait while other cases are heard.

Do I have to be present at the hearing?

The person filing the appeal (the “appellant”) is expected to appear at the hearing, in person. The appellant is typically the owner of record of the property. If you cannot appear, you may submit a letter to the Board authorizing an appropriate authority to act on your behalf. Your representative must be authorized to bind you or your organization to the decision of the Board. Your representative must also be familiar with the subject of the appeal and the current conditions and operations of any business associated with the appeal.

What if I need to postpone my hearing?

Once your case has been scheduled, you may request a postponement if necessary, five days after the receipt of your notice to appear. Generally, the Board will not grant more than one postponement.

If the Board approves my appeal, how will I receive my resolution?

Any action taken by the Board on your case will be finalized at the next meeting, when the Board votes to adopt resolutions of the previous meeting. Your resolution will be sent to you by certified mail ten days after your original hearing date.

What happens if the Board denies my appeal?

If your appeal is denied, you may file an appeal with the Court of Common Pleas within ten days of your denial.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Board of Building Standards and Building Appeals staff.

City Hall Room 516
601 Lakeside Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44114

216-664-2418 • 216-664-2631 (fax)

Commission Members

Regular Members   Alternate Members
Joseph F. Denk, Mechanical Engineer, and CHAIRMAN
Robert Maschke, Architect
Patrick M. Gallagher, Labor Representative
Halim M. Saab, P.E., Structural Engineer
Howard Bradley, Builder
  Edward P. O’Brien, Mechanical Engineer
Richard Y. Pace, Architect
Darrell Cox, Builder
Paul Frank, Structural Engineer
James F. Sullivan, Labor Representative