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Individual Landmarks

Name, Address, Significant Date(s), Architect or Builder

Allen Memorial Medical Library, 11000 Euclid Ave. (1926) Walker & Weeks
Antioch Baptist Church, 8869 Cedar Ave. (1896-1900) William W. Sabin
Aragon Ballroom, 3179 West 25th St. (1905) Harry A. Cone

Backus School of Law, 2145 Adelbert Rd. (1896) Charles Schweinfurth
Baker Building, 1940 East 6th St. (1919) Greible and Ebeling
Baker Motor Car Co. Showroom (Carpenter Reserve Printing), 7100 Euclid Ave. (1911)
Frank Meade
Ball-Wilson House, 2902 Franklin Blvd. (c. 1865) unknown
Baldwin Reservoir and Grounds, 11216 Fairhill Rd. (1914-25)
Architect: Herman Kregelius; Engineer: Frazier-Sheal Co.;
Landscape Architect: A. D. Taylor
Giovanni Barricelli House, 2203 Cornell Rd. (1896) Sidney Badgley
Beehive School, 4345 Lee Rd. (1916-8, 1925, 1931) Fulton & Taylor
Bell-Williams House, 1822 East 89th St. (1901) George J. Hardway
Beverlin-Ackland House, 2901 Clinton Ave. (c. 1855/1891) unknown
Beverlin-Lynch House, 2913 Clinton Ave. (1872) unknown
Bingham Building., 1278 West 9th St. (1914-15) Walker & Weeks
Bohemian National Hall, 4939 Broadway (1897/1901) Steffens, Searles & Hirsh
Broadway United Methodist Church, 5246 Broadway (1918) W. H. Nicklas
Brooks - Figueroa House, 4721 Franklin Blvd. (c. 1883) unknown
L.F. & S. Burgess Grocers, 1406-1410 West 6th St. (1874) unknown

Caine-Miller House, 9135 Broadway (c. 1874/c. 1890) J. M. Blackburn/Blackburn
& Daniels
Calvary Presbyterian Church, 2020 East 79th St. (1887-90) Charles F. Schweinfurth
Carnegie-West Library, 1900 Fulton Rd. (1910) Edward L. Tilton
Lorenzo Carter Cabin Site, End of St. Clair Ave., NW at Cuyahoga River
Caxton Building, 812 Huron Road (1901-03) Frank S. Barnum
Cedar-Central Apartments, 2202 East 30th St. (1935-37) Walter McCormack
Cedar Glen Apartments, 11424-32 Cedar Ave. (1926) Samuel H. White
Central Police Station, 2001 Payne Ave. (1926) Herman Kregelius
Church of the Covenant, 11205 Euclid Ave. (1909-11)
Cram, Goodhue & Ferguson with John W. Corbusier
Cinecraft Building (Cleveland Public Library West Side Branch), 2515 Franklin Blvd. (1898) John Eisenmann
Moses Cleaveland Landing Site, Old River Road between St. Clair & Superior Aves., NW (1796)
Cleveland Christian Home for Children, 11401 Lorain Ave. (1924) J. H. MacDowell
Cleveland City Hall, 601 Lakeside Ave., NE (1911-16) J. Milton Dyer
Cleveland Grays Armory, 1234 Bolivar Rd. (1893) Fenimore C. Bate
Cleveland Greenhouse & Gardens, 750 East 88th St. (1905 onward)
Cleveland Museum of Art, 11150 East Blvd. (1915-16) Hubbell & Benes (1971) Marcel Breuer
Cleveland Music School Settlement (E. S. Burke House), 11125 Magnolia Dr. (1909)
J. Milton Dyer
Cleveland Public Library (Main), 325 Superior Ave., NE (1922-25) Walker & Weeks
Cleveland Public Library-Broadway Branch, 3328 East 55th St. (1904-06) Charles Morris
Cleveland Public Library-South Branch, 3096 Scranton Rd. (1911) Whitfield & King
Cleveland Public Library-Superior Branch, 1347 East 105th St. (1920) Ora Coltman
Coates House, 3304 Archwood Ave. (1901) Frederic Striebinger
Collinwood High School, 15210 St. Clair Ave. (1907; 1926) Walter McCornack
Collinwood Memorial School, 410 East 152nd St. (1910) Frank S. Barnum
Collinwood Slovenian Home, 15810 Holmes Ave. (1919) unknown
Columbia Building, 112 Prospect Ave. (1908) M. E. Wells
Crawford-Tilden Apartments, 1831 Crawford Rd. (1908) Burt W. Corning
Dr. George Crile Office, 2516 Church St. (1870) unknown
Crowl-Shorr/McKnight House, 6314 Franklin Blvd. (1890) unknown
Cudell Clock Tower, Cudell Park, 1390 West Blvd. (1917) Frank Cudell; Dercum & Beer
Cultural Gardens, Rockefeller Park, East Blvd. (upper drive), Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. (lower drive) (1916; 1939) Landscape Architects: A. H. Alexander, A. Donald Gray, Ashburton Tripp, James Lister, Maurice Cornell, et al.

Cuyahoga County Archives; Nelson Sanford House, 2843 Franklin Blvd.
(1862) unknown; Robert Rhodes House, 2905 Franklin Blvd. (1874) unknown
Cuyahoga County Courthouse, 1 Lakeside Ave., NE (1909-12) Lehman and Schmitt,
Charles F. Schweinfurth
Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court Building, 2163 East 22nd St. (1931)
Frank W. Bail Co.
Cuyahoga Telephone Exchange (Afro-American Cultural and Historical Society)
1839 East 81st St. (1909) Searles, Hirsh, and Gavin
Czech Sokol Hall (Ceska Sin Sokol), 4314 Clark Ave. (1890) Andrew Mitermiler; School (1924)

Andrew Dall House, 2229 East 46th St. (c. 1875) Dall Family
James Dall House, 2225 East 46th St. (c. 1880) Dall Family
Denison Avenue United Church of Christ, 9900 Denison Ave. (1898, 1914)
1914: Maurer and Mills
Denison Cemetery, West 23rd St. North of Denison Ave. (est. 1835)
Dunham Tavern, 6709 Euclid Ave. (1832) Rufus & Jane P. Dunham

East Mount Zion Baptist Church, 9990 Euclid Ave. (1905-08) George W. Kramer
John Edwards / William Snowden House, 2822 Woodbridge Avenue (c. 1873) unknown
Emmanuel Episcopal Church (Church of the Transfiguration), 8614 Euclid Ave. (1901-02)
Cram, Goodhue, and Ferguson
Erie Street Cemetery, 2251 East 9th St. to East 14th St. (est. 1827)
Esmond Apartment Building, 4806 Euclid Ave. (1898) John Eisenmann
Euclid Arcade, 510 Euclid Ave. / 507 Prospect Ave. (1896-98/1911) George H. Smith,
Franz Warner
Euclid Avenue Church of God, 8601 Euclid Ave. (1890) Sidney R. Badgley
Euclid Avenue Congregational Church, 9606 Euclid Ave. (1884-87)
Coburn & Barnum
Euclid Beach Park Gateway Arch, 16001 Lake Shore Blvd. (1895)
William R. Ryan

Farnsworth Building (Brooklyn Savings and Loan), 3764-70 Pearl Rd. (1904)
J. Milton Dyer
Fellowship Baptist Church of Christ (Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church), 1754 East 55th St. (1908) Bohnard and Parsson
Fidelity Baptist Church, 8402 Wade Park Ave. (1891, 1913) Sidney R. Badgley
Fifth Church of Christ Scientist, 11623 Lake Ave. (1926) Frank W. Bail
Fire Station 4, 1455 West 29th St. (1874) Walter Blythe
Fire Station/Carriage House, 2706 Franklin Blvd. (c. 1850) unknown
First Hungarian Reformed Church, 2856 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. (1948-49)
Herman W. Maurer
First Methodist Church, 3000 Euclid Ave. (1903-04) J. Milton Dyer
Ford Motor Company Plant (Cleveland Institute of Art - McCullough Center), 11610 Euclid Ave. (1913-04) Albert Kahn
Franklin Circle Christian Church, 1688 Fulton Rd. (1874-83) Cudell & Richardson
Franklin Circle Masonic Temple, 2827 Franklin Blvd. (1932) Charles Hopkinson
Freidens United Church of Christ, 3589 Kimmel Ave. (1887) Krill

Garfield Memorial, Lakeview Cemetery, 12316 Euclid Ave. (1890) George Keller
Jeremiah Gates House/G.A.R. Hall, 3506 Memphis Ave. (c. 1820) Jeremiah Gates
Clayborne George House, 2178 East 81st St. (1905) unknown
Gospel Press Building, 2372 West 7th Street (c. 1870, c. 1933) unknown
Greater Zion Hill Baptist Church, 9411 Orleans Ave. (1933) Joseph Fronczak
Greater Friendship Baptist Church, 12305 Arlington Ave. (1926) Corbusier, Lenski & Foster
Guardian Trust Bank Building - Lorain-West 117th Street Branch, 11718-26 Lorain Ave. (1930) Rowland M. Johnson

Florence Harkness Memorial Chapel (Case Western Reserve University), 11200 Bellflower Rd. (1901-02) Charles Schweinfurth
Harvard School, 6900 Harvard Ave. (1903, 1908, 1927) F. S. Barnum, Charles Hopkinson
Hermit Club, 1629 Dodge Ct. (1928) Meade & Hamilton
Hilliard Block, 1397-1413 West 9th St. (1850) unknown
Hodge School, 1075 East 74th St. (1904; 1910) F. S. Barnum (1913)
T. J. Denmore
Holy Ghost Byzantine Church, 2420 West 14th St. (1909) M. E. Wells
Holy Name Church, 8328 Broadway (1881-87) Edward Malone
Holy Resurrection Church, 6201 Detroit Ave. (1905) C. R. Stedman
Holy Rosary Church (Our Lady of the Holy Rosary), 12011 Mayfield Rd. (1905-09)
W. W. Hodges
Hruby Conservatory of Music, 5417 Broadway (1917) Steffens & Steffens
Hulett Unloaders and C & P Ore Dock, 5400 Whiskey Island (1912) George H. Hulett
Humphrey Mansion, (1 Virginia Ave. - Euclid Beach Trailer Park, Lake Shore Blvd.)
(c. 1915) unknown
Humphrey-Meister Concrete House, 128 East 156th St. (1922) unknown

Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church, 2920 Scranton Rd. (1879) Charles Griese
Independent Evangelical Church, 2100 West 44th St. (1899)
Fugman & Uhlrich

Eliza Jennings Home Monument, 10603 Detroit Ave. (c. 1888) unknown
Jones Home for Children, 3518 West 25th St. (1902) Sidney R. Badgley

Karamu House, 2355 East 89th St. (1949-59) Small, Smith, Reeb & Draz
Kirtland Park, East 49th Street at South Marginal Road (1936) Landscape Architect: A. H. Alexander
Edward J. Kovacic Recreation Center, 6250 St. Clair Ave. (1919) Frederic H. Betz

Laisy Building, 7921-23 Lorain Ave. (1896) Bernard F. Van Develde
Lakeview Cemetery, 12316 Euclid Ave. (1869) Landscape Architect: Adolph Strauch
LaTourelle Chaumont (Ludlow Towers), 2820 Ludlow Rd. (1928)
Alfred W. Harris
Lane Metropolitan CME Church, 2131 East 46th St. (1900)
George F. Hammond

Langston Hughes Branch Library, 2390 East 79th St. (1912) Henry D. Whitfield
League Park, 6601 Lexington Ave. (1908-09) Watterson and Schneider
Lemko Hall, Literary Rd. & West 11th St. (1910) James L. Cameron
Liberty Hill Baptist Church, 8206 Euclid Ave. (1912) Lehman & Schmitt
Lindner Building, 1331 Euclid Ave. (1915) Robert Kohn
Louis Agassiz Elementary School, 3595 Bosworth Road (1929) George M. Hopkinson

Mallo-Donahue House, 3731 West 25th St. (c. 1855) John S. Fish
Mansfield-Fuller House, 9402 Madison (1889) unknown
Market Street Exchange, 2516 Market Ave. (c. 1881/1884) unknown
Flora Stone Mather Memorial Hall (CWRU), 11220 Bellflower Rd.
(1910-13) Charles F. Schweinfurth
Samuel Mather Mansion (University Hall - Cleveland State University), 2605 Euclid Ave.
(1906-10) Charles F. Schweinfurth
Mayfield Theatre (New Mayfield Repertory Cinema), 12300 Mayfield Rd. (1923) D. Cefaratti
McGinty-Jowett House, 4666 Grayton Rd. (c. 1850) unknown
Miles Garden Log Cabin & Herb Garden, 12210 Miles Ave. (rear) Anton Zverina
Miles Park Library, 4121 East 91st St. (at Miles Park Avenue) (1904-06) Edward Tilton
Miles Park Presbyterian Church, 9114 Miles Park Ave. (1869-72)
Miles Park United Methodist Church, 9101 Miles Park Ave.
(1872-3/1937) unknown
Miller Block, 3203-3213 Lorain Ave. (1906-08) George H. Steffens
Monroe Street Cemetery, Monroe Ave. & West 32nd St. (est. 1842)
Luther Moses House, 5611 Lexington Ave. (c. 1854) unknown
Murray Hill School, 2036 Murray Hill Rd. (1907) F. S. Barnum
Myron's Commercial Buildings, 5801 Detroit Ave. (1903) unknown

New York Spaghetti House, 2173 East 9th St. (c.1895, 1912, 1952) 1912: George B. Post and Sons
Newburgh Masonic Temple, 8910 Miles Ave. (1916) William J. Carter
North Italian Club, 3121 West 33rd St. (1933-34) Carlton S. Crothers

Old Stone Church, 91 Public Square (1853-55) Heard & Porter (1884)
Charles & Julius Schweinfurth
Charles Olney Residence and Gallery, 2241-2255 West 14th St. (c.1870, c.1895) unknown, Coburn & Barnum
Our Lady of Lourdes R. C. Church, 3382-96 East 55th St. (1891)
Bernard F. Van Develde

Mary Chisholm Painter Gate (Case Western Reserve University) Euclid Ave., west of
Church of the Covenant (1904) Charles F. Schweinfurth
Parkside Dwellings, 2040 Stearns Rd. (1909) Edson Cass
Osceola Pease House, 9126 Miles Ave. (1886) unknown
Pelton Apartment Building, 2363 West 14th St. (1901) Knox & Elliot
Pentecostal Church of Christ, 1925 East 105th St. (1917-18)
Briggs & Nelson
Pilgrim Congregational Church, 2592 West 14th St. (1893-94) Sidney R. Badgley
Adam Poe House, 3101 Archwood Ave. (c. 1870) unknown
Polish Falcon Hall, 7146 Broadway Ave. (1887) unknown
Prince Hall Masonic Temple, 1624 East 55th St. (1907) Frederick W. Striebinger
Prospect Avenue Rowhouses; 3645-57 Prospect Ave. (1874-79) unknown
Public Auditorium, East 6th Street between St. Clair & Lakeside Aves.
(1922) Frederick H. Betz, J. H. MacDowell, and Frank Walker
(1964) Outcalt Guenther Rode & Bonebrake
Music Hall: (1927) Herman Kregelius

Riverside Cemetery & Gatehouse, 3607 Pearl Rd. (est. 1876)
Landscape Architect: E. O. Schwagerel; Gatehouse: Charles Hopkinson (1896-97)
Rockefeller Park Bridges over Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive
Locations: Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railroad, St. Clair Ave., Superior Ave., Wade Park Ave. (1897-1900) Charles F. Schweinfurth
Rose Building, 2060 East 9th St. (1900) George H. Smith
Rowfant Club (George Merwin House), 3028 Prospect Ave.
(1838/1858) Charles Heard

St. Agnes R.C. Church Tower, 8000 Euclid Ave. (1916) John Theodore Comes
St. Aloysius Church, 10932 St. Clair Ave. (1925) William Jansen
St. Andrew Episcopal Church, 2171 East 49th St. (1915) Charles Schneider
St. Benedict R.C. Church, 2940 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. (1950-53) Ellsworth Porter
St. Casimir Church, 8223 Sowinski Ave. (1918) William Jansen
St. Colman Church, School, Rectory, and Sisters Home, 2001-25 West 65th St.
(1914-18; 1921) Edwin J. Schneider
St. Elizabeth R.C. Church, 9016 Buckeye Rd. (1918-22) Emile Uhlrich
St. Ignatius High School, 1911 West 30th St. (1889) Brother Frederick Wipfler, S.J.
St. Ignatius Parish Church, 10205 Lorain Ave. (1930) Graham & Fish
St. James AME Church, 8401 Cedar Ave. (1894) Knox & Elliot
St. John Episcopal Church, 2600 Church Ave. (1836-8) Hezekiah Eldredge
St. Michael the Archangel R.C. Church, 3114 Scranton Rd. (1889-92) Adolph Druiding
St. Peter Church, Parish House and Hall, 1700 Superior Ave. (1859-1874-1877);
Church: Charles Heard
St. Patrick R.C. Church, 3602 Bridge Ave. (1871-80) Alfred Green
St. Philip Christian Church, 2303 East 30th Street (1968) Fred Toguchi
St. Procop R.C. Church, 3181 West 41st St. (1899-1902) Fugman & Uhlrich
St. Stanislaus R.C. Church, 3649 East 65th St. (1886-91) William H. Dunn
St. Stephen Church and School, 1910-30 West 54th St. (1873-81) Cudell and Richardson
St. Theodosius Russian Orthodox Cathedral & Hall, 733 Starkweather Ave.
(1912) Frederick C. Baird
St. Timothy Missionary Baptist Church, 7101 Carnegie Ave. (1891) Sidney R. Badgley
Schweinfurth-Van Petten House, 1951 East 75th St. (1894) Charles F. Schweinfurth
Severance Hall, 11101 Euclid Ave. (1931) Walker & Weeks
Shiloh Baptist Church, 5550 Scovill Ave. (1906) Harry Cone
Jerry Siegel House, 10622 Kimberly Ave. (1911) unknown
Slovenian National Home and Auditorium, 6401 St. Clair Ave. (1924)
Matt Satkovich, G. S. Voinovich
Soldiers & Sailors Monument, Public Square, Southeast Quadrant (1894) Levi T. Scofield
Southworth - Thompson House, 11901 Carlton Rd. (1904) Bohnard & Parsson
Standard Building, 1370 Ontario St. (1925) Knox & Elliot
Standard Oil Co. First Refinery Site, 2745 Rockefeller Ave.
Edgar A. Stanley House, 1270 West 105th St. (1908) Edgar A. Stanley
Amasa Stone Chapel (CWRU), 10940 Euclid Ave. (1910) Henry Vaughan
Superior Avenue Viaduct, Flats area, west side of Cuyahoga River
(1874-78) B. F. Morse and C. H. Strong, Engineers

Tavern Club, 3522 Prospect Ave. (1904) J. Milton Dyer
Tower Press Building (H. Black Co.), 1912 Superior Ave. (1907) Robert Kohn
Triedstone Baptist Church, 3782 Community College Ave. (1905) unknown
Trinity Cathedral & Hall, 2701 East 22nd St. (1901-07)
Charles F. Schweinfurth
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, 2057 West 30th St. (1873)
Charles Griese
Triumph the Church and Kingdom of God in Christ, 9200 Miles Ave.
(1888) Andrew Kent (1930) J. W. Everhard
Turner-Figueroa House, 5506 Franklin Blvd. (1875) unknown

Union Club, 1211 Euclid Ave. (1903-05) Charles F. Schweinfurth
United States Coast Guard Cleveland Harbor Station, 1000 Cuyahoga River (1940)
J. Milton Dyer
United States Marine Hospital (Fairhill Center for Aging), 12200 Fairhill Rd. (1930)
James A. Wetmore; Landscape Architect: A. D. Taylor

Variety Theater, 11801-25 Lorain Ave. (1927) Nicoli Petti

Wade Memorial Chapel, Lakeview Cemetery (1900) Hubbell & Benes
West Side Market, 1979 West 25th St. (1902-12) Hubbell & Benes
Western Reserve Building, 1462-1480 West 9th St. (1891) Burnham & Root
Western Reserve Historical Society, 10825 East Blvd.; John Hay
House (1908-10) Abram Garfield; Mrs. Leonard C. Hanna House (1918) Walker & Gillette
Phillis Wheatley Association, 4450 Cedar Ave. (1927) Hubbell & Benes
White Chewing Gum Factory (White Chicle Co.), 10307 Detroit Ave. (1888) unknown
Woodland Avenue and West Side Powerhouse, 1080 Cathan Ave. (1897) John N. Richardson
Woodland Avenue Bath House, 9206 Woodland Ave. (1915) William S. Lougee

Colonel Charles Young Square, Prospect Ave. & East 46th St. (1937)

Zion Lutheran Church, 2062 East 30th St. (1902) Paul Matzinger



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