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Great Places in Cleveland

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Great Places

Great neighborhoods are often anchored by great “places.”    These are distinctive places that add identity and character to a neighborhood or a district.  They are also gathering places that bring residents together in way that strengthens the sense of community. Great places can be, to a neighborhood, what a living room is to house.

Many of these great places are outdoor plazas.  Some are indoor spaces that are open to the public.  And, typically, they are visually or architecturally distinctive places that are unique to a particular neighborhood.  When you see one, you immediately know where you are!  For purposes of this report, a great place is:


  • a visually distinctive place (in its design and its context)
  • a public gathering place (frequented for enjoyment and special events)
  • a compact place (seen and experienced from a single point)

Great Places

This report seeks to identify and celebrate some of those great places – large and small – in Cleveland and its neighborhoods.  A second purpose of this report is to identify the potential to strengthen or create other great places that can help enhance neighborhoods throughout Cleveland.

NOTE:  Other “great places” will be added in future editions.

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