Classification District Proj. No. Project Name Description
Arts & Culture 1 1.A.1 Variety Theatre Arts District (centered around West 117th Street and Lorain Avenue) opportunity for revitalization of area with uses that compliment renovated Variety Theatre
Arts & Culture 2 2.A.1 Gordon Square Cultural Arts District (Detroit Avenue, between West 61st Street & West 69th Street) redevelopment of historic theater properties along with neighborhood convenience & arts-related retail development
Arts & Culture 2 2.A.2 New Towpath Trail Bridge (connecting Main Avenue Peninsula & Columbus Road Peninsula Adjacent to Canal Basin Park) public art opportunity in conjunction with proposed new signature pedestrian bridge
Arts & Culture 2 2.A.3 Lorain Avenue Antiques District (Lorain Avenue, between West 58th Street & West 80th Street) concentration of antique and second-hand retail shops
Arts & Culture 2 2.A.4 Tremont Art Galleries & Historic Churches (Professor Street and scattered sites throughout Tremont neighborhood) collection of art galleries and historic ethnic church architecture
Arts & Culture 2 2.A.5 Steelyard Commons Steel Heritage Interpretive Exhibit (Steelyard Commons Drive & Quigley Road Connector, at NE corner of Steelyard Commons Shopping Center) small interpretive exhibit commemorating steelmaking to be housed in historic steel mill clock house building located adjacent to Towpath Trail
Arts & Culture 2 2.A.6 Canalway Ohio National Scenic Byway (West 25th Street/Pearl Road, from Detroit Avenue south to Broadview Avenue south to Schaaf Road and east to the Brooklyn Heights corporate limits) auto & bicycle-oriented route that highlights local settlement, development, and natural systems found along Ohio & Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor
Arts & Culture 2 2.A.7 Hispanic Village (West 25th & Clark Area) development of Hispanic-themed arts, cultural and retail district
Arts & Culture 2 2.A.8 Towpath Trail (between Harvard Avenue & Canal Basin Park in Downtown Cleveland) public art & interpretive exhibits along 5.5-mile extension of regional multi-purpose recreational trail
Arts & Culture 2 2.A.9 Art House (Denison Avenue at West 31st Street) neighborhood-based organization offering visual and creative arts classes
Arts & Culture 2 2.A.10 New Fulton Road Bridge (Fulton Road between Denison Avenue & Park Drive) decorative lighting & banners highlighting Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in conjunction with construction of new high-level bridge by Cuyahoga County Engineer
Arts & Culture 2 2.A.11 Brooklyn-Brighton Bridge (Pearl Road between Treadwell Avenue and Wildlife Way) decorative lighting & banners highlighting Cleveland Metroparks Zoo on existing high-level bridge
Arts & Culture 3 3.A.1 North Coast Harbor (bounded by Lake Erie, East 9th Street, North Marginal Road and West 3rd Street) opportunities for events and public art in the harbor area
Arts & Culture 3 3.A.2 Trolleyville Electric Railway (eastern terminus of Waterfront Transit Line) opportunity to house and operate historic trolley cars on GCRTA's Waterfront Transit Line
Arts & Culture 3 3.A.3 Pedestrian Bridges (over I-90 @ East 40th St., East 49th St., Marquette St., and East 55th Streets) opportunity for artistic bridge design work and public art as part of Lakefront Plan’s recommendation for pedestrian bridges to allow for neighborhood access to the lakefront
Arts & Culture 3 3.A.4 Kirtland Park (on the south side of South Marginal Road between East 40th and East 49th Streets) opportunity to implement the Kirtland Park Plan public art components such as the banners and amphitheater stage bandshell
Arts & Culture 3 3.A.5 Historic Warehouse District Neighborhood (bounded by West 3rd Street, Superior Avenue, West 10th Street and the Waterfront Transit Line) opportunities for events and public art in the district
Arts & Culture 3 3.A.6 Playhouse Square / Theatre District (bounded by Superior Avenue, East 18th Street, Community College Avenue, East 14th Street and East 12th Street) opportunities for events and public art in the district
Arts & Culture 3 3.A.7 Live-Work Arts District (along retail corridors of St. Clair, Superior, and Payne Avenues from East 18th Street to various streets to the east roughly around East 55th Street) opportunity for banners, public art to promote artists district
Arts & Culture 3 3.A.8 Payne Avenue Cultural / Retail District (Payne Avenue and East 30th Street) opportunity for gateway celebrating Asian community
Arts & Culture 3 3.A.9 Arbor Park Excess Land (vacant land at Quincy and East 40th Street) opportunity for cultural arts or civic center for the Central neighborhood
Arts & Culture 3 3.A.10 Maingate Mural 1 (on east side of East 37th Street south of Woodland Avenue) opportunity for folk art inspired mural depicting the Northern Ohio Food Terminal on Cold Storage building visible from surrounding highways and roadways
Arts & Culture 3 3.A.11 Maingate Mural 2 (on retention wall by RTA stop RR bridge at East 34th Street and Pittsburgh Avenue): opportunity for mural depicting history of Maingate, Industrial Valley and public transportation
Arts & Culture 3 3.A.12 East 55th and Woodland (western corners of East 55th Street and Woodland Avenue) opportunity for public art to complement retail development opportunity, based on history and culture of the Central neighborhood
Arts & Culture 3 3.A.13 Woodland Cemetery (on the north side of Woodland Avenue between East 66th and East 71st Streets) opportunity for cemetery improvements such as restoring/reinstalling metal historic gate and archway
Arts & Culture 3 3.A.14 Sidaway Pedestrian Bridge (at the intersection of Sidaway Avenue and East 67th Street) rehabilitation of and opportunity for public art and interpretive history of Kingsbury Run ravine
Arts & Culture 3 3.A.15 Broadway Scenic Byway (Broadway Avenue from Carnegie Avenue south to the corporate limit) encourage implementation of Urban Design Center’s Broadway CanalWay Ohio Scenic Byway Master Plan placing interpretive kiosks, public art, directional sculpture, removal of obstructions to views of the industrial valley, placement of interpretive banners, etc. to tell the story of the industrial valley and the neighborhoods that surround this National Scenic Byway
Arts & Culture 3 3.A.16 Morgana Run Trail Trailheads (trailheads along former Wheeling and Lake Erie Rail line at Broadway and Ackley, and Broadway Avenue west of Miles Avenue) opportunity for recreation or neighborhood oriented public art at trail heads
Arts & Culture 4 4.A.1 Cityview Park (Buckeye/Woodhill/Shaker intersection) pocket park & gateway signage to Buckeye-Shaker/Woodland Hills neighborhood
Arts & Culture 4 4.A.2 St. Luke’s Point (Shaker Boulevard between East 110th Street and East Boulevard) public art at the St. Luke’s housing site
Arts & Culture 4 4.A.3 Miles Avenue (between Elmarge Avenue and East 113th Street) potential historic district
Arts & Culture 4 4.A.4 Mt. Carmel Point (East 116th Street & Mt. Carmel Avenue) opportunity for public art at the gateway to the Woodland Hills neighborhood
Arts & Culture 4 4.A.5 Mt. Pleasant Heritage House (Kinsman & East 128th) opportunity to develop a cultural center
Arts & Culture 4 4.A.6 Kinsman Point (The point at Kinsman, Union, and East 140th) opportunity for public art at intersection of Kinsman & Union
Arts & Culture 5 5.A.1 St Clair (St Clair Avenue) add public art and banners
Arts & Culture 5 5.A.2 League Park Area (Corner of East 66th & Lexington) (murals, statues, signage, etc.) highlighted the old Negro Leagues
Arts & Culture 5 5.A.3 African American Museum (corner of Hough & Crawford) potential relocation for redevelopment and expansion of African-American History museum
Arts & Culture 5 5.A.4 The Cleveland Playhouse (Euclid & East 83rd) opportunity for acquisition & expansion of adjacent parcels to accommodate entertainment & retail
Arts & Culture 5 5.A.5 University Circle (area bound by East 105th Chester, Carnegie, and Euclid Avenues) addition of historical markers highlighting the university neighborhoods history & cultural institutions
Arts & Culture 5 5.A.6 Karamu (East 79th & Quincy) opportunity to develop signage for existing facility and complementary development in the surrounding area that highlights the prominent African-American theater (Karamu Theater district)
Arts & Culture 5 5.A.7 Larchmere (Larchmere Ave) addition of public art and banners highlighting antique district
Arts & Culture 5 5.A.8 Shaker Square ( historical marker signage, large photos showing the square’s history and origin could be incorporated on street banners or kiosk at transit stops
Arts & Culture 5 5.A.9 Buckeye (Buckeye Road) addition of public art and banners on Buckeye consistent with the Buckeye Road masterplan
Arts & Culture 5 5.A.10 Moreland Theater (East 119th & Buckeye) restoration of existing theater for performing arts
Arts & Culture 5 5.A.11 Artesian Square (Buckeye Road & East 123rd St) proposed arts district
Arts & Culture 6 6.A.1 African American Cultural Garden in Rockefeller Park (Martin Luther King Boulevard) the addition, and development, of an African-American Cultural Garden honoring Clevelanders’ African-American heritage to the 24 existing cultural gardens in Rockefeller Park
Arts & Culture 6 6.A.2 East 105th Street Wall (East 105th Street) creation of an outdoor wall mural on East 105th Street at the Bratenahl border celebrating the multi-ethnic heritage and contributions of the Glenville neighborhood
Arts & Culture 6 6.A.3 Garrett Square Public Art (East 123rd Street and Lakeview Road) create a statue, icon or art piece honoring Garrett Morgan, inventor of the traffic light, at East 123rd Street and Lakeview Avenue (see Garrett Square Plan)
Arts & Culture 6 6.A.4 Lakeview Road Bridge Beautification (Lakeview Road and Ashbury Avenue) create decorative lighting, wall murals and signage for the bridge located on Lakeview Road near the Cleveland - East Cleveland border
Arts & Culture 6 6.A.5 RTA Station Bridge Beautification (located at Superior and Roselle Avenues) could include new decorative lighting, wall murals, and signage
Arts & Culture 6 6.A.6 Pedestrian Bridge Overpasses (over I-90 just west of East 185th Street) create decorative lighting, signage and trail connections at these bridges highlighting Collinwood’s heritage
Arts & Culture 6 6.A.7 Lakeshore Boulevard Bridge Beautification (over Euclid Creek near the entrance to Wildwood State Park ) upgrade bridge with decorative lighting and wall improvements Park
Arts & Culture 6 6.A.8 Lake Erie Coastal Scenic Byway (Lakeshore Boulevard) promote improvements that highlight this nationally designated scenic byway
Arts & Culture 6 6.A.9 Euclid Beach Archway (Lakeshore Boulevard just north of Humphrey): situate old Euclid Beach Archway at proposed new park entrance consistent with the lakeshore masterplan
Arts & Culture 6 6.A.10 Glenville Wall of Fame (East 105th & St Clair) opportunity for famous Glenville residents to be honored on brick wall mural