Classification District Proj. No. Project Name Description
Recreation 1 1.P.1 Stormwater Detention Pond (Puritas Avenue and Industrial Parkway) opportunity for bird sanctuary and passive recreation
Recreation 1 1.P.2 Bellaire Road (at West 130th Street) opportunity for bioremediation of soil and conversion to natural/passive greenspace
Recreation 1 1.P.3 Detroit Avenue Site (at West Boulevard) pocket park on current vacant land near rail tracks
Recreation 1 1.P.4 West 110th Street (between Detroit Avenue and railroad tracks) passive recreation greenspace opportunity
Recreation 2 2.P.1 Edgewater Park Expansion (landfill property north of the present Edgewater Park) utilize 35-acres of new lakefront open space to accommodate beach, marina and other recreation uses
Recreation 2 2.P.2 Port of Cleveland Relocation and New Public Park (a new island north of the present Cleveland Bulk Terminal created by landfill) develop 50-acres of new lakefront open space for recreational uses in conjunction with the Port of Cleveland’s possible relocation
Recreation 2 2.P.3 Whiskey Island Park (east end of Whiskey Island north of the Norfolk Southern Railroad tracks, from the Cuyahoga River west to the Cleveland Bulk Terminal) enhance 30 acres of lakefront open space and the historic Coast Guard Station to accommodate beach, marina and other recreation uses
Recreation 2 2.P.4 Old River Channel Park (south side of the Old River Channel at West 54th Street) create 15 acres of new riverfront open space
Recreation 2 2.P.5 Jim Mahone Green (between the Shoreway and Detroit Avenue, extending from West 29th Street to West 38th Street) preserve two acres of open space as a new park with prime lakefront views, a.k.a. Dogbone Park
Recreation 2 2.P.6 Towpath Trail Extension (following Harvard Avenue north to the proposed Canal Basin Park) develop the 5.5-mile long extension connecting the new regional multi-purpose trail system to downtown Cleveland
Recreation 2 2.P.7 Mittal Steel/Cuyahoga Riverfront (west side of the Cuyahoga River north of Harvard Avenue) develop this six-acre linear parcel along the Cuyahoga River to accommodate the new Towpath Trail, along with related greenspace and interpretive exhibits
Recreation 2 2.P.8 Walworth Run Greenway (Train Avenue Corridor, from Clark Avenue to the Scranton Road/University Road intersection) construction of a neighborhood multi-purpose trail connection to the Towpath Trail
Recreation 2 2.P.9 Stockyards Neighborhood Park (West 56th Street-Arkansas Avenue-West 58th Street area) create a new neighborhood park
Recreation 2 2.P.1O Foote Park Expansion (two commercial parcels at the northwest corner of the Pearl Road-Krather Road intersection adjacent to the Metroparks Zoo entrance) utilize this newly available land to create an additional acre of open space for Foote Park
Recreation 2 2.P.11 Henninger Landfill (west side of Pearl Road, from Henninger Road eastward to Valley Road) reclaim this 40-acre brownfield property to create a combination of open space and multi-purpose trail, with urban camping sites and/or an extreme sports park
Recreation 2 2.P.12 Lower Big Creek Area (area of the Big Creek Valley floor generally bounded on the north by Selzer Avenue, West 23rd Street, Calgary Park Bluff and Kenneth Avenue; on the east by Jennings Road ; on the south by the Henninger Landfill; and on the west by Pearl Road) use this 150-acre area to provide area residents with new accessible open space and a multi-purpose trail
Recreation 2 2.P.13 Treadway Creek Ravine Greenway (ravine running north from Plymouth Road to Crestline Avenue) ecological restoration of a 21-acre greenspace and construction of a neighborhood multi-purpose trail connection linking Harmody Park to the new Towpath Trail
Recreation 2 2.P.14 Mayview Ravine Property (ravine extending east from the western end of Mayview Avenue to the Jennings Freeway) preserve natural open space area featuring steep slopes and heavy forestation
Recreation 2 2.P.15 Bradley Road Landfill (the portion generally bounded on the north by Gino Lane, on the east by Bradley Road, on the south by Spring Road, and on the west by the Jennings Freeway) redevelop former landfill property into a passive open space area that will serve as buffer between light industrial land use, the Jennings Freeway and nearby residences
Recreation 3 3.P.1 Eastern Burke Lakefront Airport (north of North Marginal Road and east of East. 40th Street) opportunity for public access and recreation development at the eastern end of Burke Lakefront Airport beyond the restricted zones for flight operation
Recreation 3 3.P.2 Cleveland Public Power (CPP) Plant (north side of North Marginal Road between East 49th and East 53rd streets) significant portions of the former CPP Plant are vacant and may be reused for indoor recreation (such as rock climbing), a waterfront restaurant or commercial uses; while land and parking lot could be reused for waterfront access for shoreline fishing and other water related activities
Recreation 3 3.P.3 Enhancing Cleveland’s Lakefront Bikeway (along North Marginal Road from East 9th Street to East 55th Street) open up views of, and public access to, the lake, by removing fences and other obstacles along North Marginal Road
Recreation 3 3.P.4 Kirtland Park (on the south side of South Marginal Road between East 40th and East 49th Streets) implement the Kirtland Park Plan by rehabilitating the park with new walking trails, a water spray play area, amphitheater improvements, a hillside play area, and hillside erosion prevention, and explore potential expansion of the park onto City-owned property to the west of the park
Recreation 3 3.P.5 Overlook Park (between West 9th and West 3rd Streets just east of Front Avenue) opportunity for a new park serving the Historic Warehouse District neighborhood with views of the lake and connections to the future Towpath Trail system and the Lakefront Bike Trail
Recreation 3 3.P.6 Huntington Park (northeast corner of Lakeside Avenue and West 3rd Street) upgrade existing park to meet the recreation needs of Historic Warehouse District residents as well as downtown employees
Recreation 3 3.P.7 Canal Basin Park (between James and West Streets and Canal Road and Merwin Street) opportunity for a new gateway park with connections to the new CanalWay Ohio Scenic Byway as well as the future extensions of the Towpath Trail system and the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad
Recreation 3 3.P.8 Public Square (between Rockwell and Euclid Avenues, Public Square and East 2nd Street) build off the recommendations of the Project for Public Spaces’ design charrette to make Cleveland’s historic “village green” more pedestrian friendly and lively
Recreation 3 3.P.9 Homeownership Zone Greenspace (east from the railroad at Clarkwood Road and Central Avenue) develop a landscaped greenspace to buffer residential development from railroad activity
Recreation 3 3.P.10 Mouth of Kingsbury Run (confluence of Kingsbury Run and Cuyahoga River south and west of the Jefferson Avenue & Broadway Avenue intersection) opportunity for a new park with connections to the future Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad stop and proposed Kingsbury Run Connector Trail
Recreation 3 3.P.11 Kingsbury Run Connector to Towpath Trail (along Kingsbury Run Ravine from the Cuyahoga River at Jefferson Avenue, following various routes along the ravine, to East 79th Street) create bike path to connect to Garfield Park Reservation and Mill Creek Trail, opportunities to clean-up, improve and program where Kingsbury Ravine and Cuyahoga River meet
Recreation 3 3.P.12 Kingsbury Run Valley (valley between the North Broadway and Kinsman neighborhoods, extending south and east from the rail lines to East 79th Street) clean up environmental contaminants and create a new park bridging the St. Hyacinth neighborhood and Garden Valley with safe, programmed recreation opportunities (e.g., a sledding hill);part of Marion Motley recreation area redevelopment
Recreation 3 3.P.13 Sidaway Pedestrian Bridge (from Sidaway Avenue and East 67th Street to Sidaway Avenue and Berwick Road) repair bridge connecting the North Broadway and Kinsman neighborhoods
Recreation 3 3.P.14 Morgana Run Rail Trail Extension (between East 49th Street and the Cuyahoga River via unused rail lines) continue Morgana Run rail trail westward toward the Cuyahoga River and proposed Towpath Trail
Recreation 3 3.P.15 Lower Woolen Mills Site (between East 55th Street & Ackley Road, just north of Linton Avenue) opportunity to relocate two Morgana ball fields to land adjacent to the Morgana Run bike trail
Recreation 3 3.P.16 Washington Park Expansion (area surrounding Cullen and Pallister Drives west of Independence Road, with entrance off Independence Road in Newburgh Heights) take advantage of the opportunity to expand Washington Park to the west on ISG waste landfill property as each phase of the landfill is closed and capped, gaining approximately 60 acres of land for new neighborhood recreation opportunities
Recreation 3 3.P.17 Warner Road (west side of Warner Road between Webb Terrace and Beman Avenue) recreation-oriented development to complement Mill Creek falls, bike trail, and housing development
Recreation 4 4.P.1 Kingsbury Run (south of Garden Valley) opportunity to develop linear park and trail
Recreation 4 4.P.2 Marion Motley Playfield (south of Garden Valley) redevelopment of existing playing field
Recreation 4 4.P.3 Troy Lee Jones Cultural Garden (Kinsman Road and East 90th Street) opportunity for a community garden
Recreation 4 4.P.4 Ken Johnson Recreation Center (Woodland Avenue and East 91st Street) expansion of recreation center and park
Recreation 4 4.P.5 Jack Rabbit Hill (between Sandusky and Way Avenues, from East 96th to East 100th Streets) development of a new park at Jack Rabbit Hill in Union Miles neighborhood
Recreation 4 4.P.6 Prince Avenue Park (between East 112th and East 116th Streets) opportunity for a pocket park or a community garden
Recreation 4 4.P.7 Kinsman Road Junkyard Site (between East 110th and East 116th Streets) expansion of existing park
Recreation 4 4.P.8 Hamilton Park (Union Avenue and East 132nd Street) demolish the industrial buildings at Union Avenue and East 132nd Street and develop a park to complement Alexander Hamilton Recreation Center
Recreation 4 4.P.9 Miles Heights Park (Johnston Parkway) upgrade existing park
Recreation 4 4.P.10 Fredrick Douglas Park (Miles Avenue and Judson Boulevard) upgrade existing park
Recreation 4 4.P.11 Kerruish Park (Lee Road and Tarkington Avenue) upgrade existing park, adding trails and a nature center
Recreation 5 5.P.1 Grdina Park (East 61st Street north of St. Clair Avenue) upgrade existing park as recommended through 2006 planning process
Recreation 5 5.P.2 Pennsylvania-Zoeter (between Pennsylvania and Zoeter Avenues) redevelopment of existing open space to accommodate community recreation activities (playfields, baseball diamond with benches, etc.)
Recreation 5 5.P.3 Lakeview Cemetery (between Euclid Avenue and Mayfield Road) addition of benches, aesthetic improvements, historical markers and trails to allow for passive recreation in an historic Cleveland asset
Recreation 5 5.P.4 League Park (southeast corner of Linwood Avenue and East 66th Street) proposed ball park and community recreation amenities highlighting the historic Negro leagues
Recreation 5 5.P.5 Ambler Park (Cedar Avenue and Glenwood Road south of the RTA transit station) develop passive recreation amenities at existing community park near the RTA transit stop with seating-area lighting and pedestrian trails
Recreation 5 5.P.6 Fairfax Park (corner of East 83rd Street and Quincy Avenue) upgrade this neighborhood park to serve as a multi-faceted recreation area for the Fairfax neighborhood, with basketball and tennis courts, track and open space, along with a small indoor facility on the site
Recreation 5 5.P.7 Woodland Park (East 83rd Street and Woodland Avenue) develop a new neighborhood park to include a ball diamond, basketball courts, greenspace and parking area
Recreation 5 5.P.8 Stokes Parkway (green area north of Stokes Boulevard) add recreational amenities such as walking and bike trails, benches, basketball and tennis courts
Recreation 6 6.P.1 Dike 14 (north of I-90 & Martin Luther King Boulevard) restoration of 88 acres of a confined disposal facility into an accessible natural resource area on the lakefront
Recreation 6 6.P.2 Gordon Park (south of I-90 and west of Martin Luther King Boulevard) development of a multi-purpose recreation facility and aquatic center
Recreation 6 6.P.3 Forest Hills Parkway (between Lakeview and Eddy Roads) comprehensive parkway enhancements to include major renovations such as trail connector signage, lighting, ball fields, and indoor/outdoor recreation opportunities
Recreation 6 6.P.4 Five Points Area (St. Clair Avenue, East 152nd Street and Ivanhoe Road) acquisition of former industrial property for the development of a neighborhood sports complex and recreation campus
Recreation 6 6.P.5 Endora Park (south of Hilton Road and north of Belvoir Boulevard) make community park improvements to provide informal passive recreation, such as trails, picnic areas and open space, miniature golf
Recreation 6 6.P.6 Humphrey Park (south of Lakeshore Boulevard, north of Grovewood Avenue) expand the existing park by making use of vacant or underutilized retail buildings on Lake Shore Boulevard
Recreation 6 6.P.7 Euclid Beach Park and Wildwood Park (north of Lakeshore Boulevard, west and east of Euclid Creek) develop and reconfigure the existing parks, including overall cosmetic improvements, to create visible and accessible connections to the neighborhood (see Lakeshore Area Plan)
Recreation 6 6.P.8 Lower Euclid Creek (South of Wildwood State Park to Euclid Creek Reservation) restoration and preservation of existing creek system with development of a trail connection linking Euclid Creek to the waterfront
Recreation 6 6.P.9 Quarry Trail (South of Euclid Avenue, east of Green Road) develop trail along the route of a former rail spur that serviced the bluestone quarries in South Euclid with opportunity for heritage interpretation