Classification District Proj. No. Project Name Description
Retail 1 1.R.1 Rocky River Drive Sites (at Cleveland Business Park) opportunity for stand-alone or mixed-use retail
Retail 1 1.R.2 West 130th Street Site (at Brookpark Road) potential for shopping plaza or large store development
Retail 1 1.R.3 Bellaire Corridor (between Brookfield and Grimsby Avenues) opportunity for full-scale grocery store/mixed use development
Retail 1 1.R.4 Lorain Corridor (at Rocky River Drive between West 165th Street and Old Lorain Road) opportunity for retail in conjunction with streetscape improvements
Retail 1 1.R.5 West 117th Street Corridor (between Clifton Boulevard and Madison Avenue) mixed-use redevelopment on various parcels
Retail 2 2.R.1 Gordon Square Cultural Arts District (Detroit Avenue between West 61st and West 69th Streets) neighborhood convenience and arts-related retail development
Retail 2 2.R.2 Detroit South (south side of Detroit Avenue between West 29th and West 45th Streets) develop new retail as part of a larger mixed-use development strategy for this area
Retail 2 2.R.3 Detroit-Shoreway East (north side Detroit Avenue between West 49th and West 54th Streets) develop new retail as part of a larger mixed-use development
Retail 2 2.R.4 West 25th-Lorain-Gehring (Ohio City Rapid Transit station area) transit-oriented development opportunity includes air rights over RTA tracks and Market Plaza property
Retail 2 2.R.5 Steelyard Commons (Jennings Road & Jennings Freeway) development of - a 1-million square foot regional shopping center and related out-lots
Retail 2 2.R.6 West 25th Street-Clark Avenue (north & south sides of Clark Avenue, from West 25th Street to West 32nd Street) redevelopment of vacant & underutilized grocery store and surface parking lot properties.
Retail 2 2.R.7 Stockyards (West) (west side of West 65th Street, between Storer Avenue & Clark Avenue) redevelopment & expansion of existing community-level shopping center.
Retail 2 2.R.8 Pearl Road-Henninger Road (east side of Pearl Road at Henninger Road) retail development opportunity opposite Metroparks Zoo entrance.
Retail 2 2.R.9 Broadview Road (north & south sides of Broadview Road – West 24th Street to Colburn Avenue) retail as part of larger mixed-use redevelopment strategy.
Retail 3 3.R.1 Lakefront Plan Neighborhood (neighborhood to the east of the Cuyahoga River along Lake Erie) creation of a water-oriented, mixed-use development along Lakefront as called for by Cleveland’s Lakefront Plan
Retail 3 3.R.2 Flats East Bank (Front Street to Main Avenue, between the RTA line and the Cuyahoga River) opportunity for a large-scale mixed-use development combining retail and residential units
Retail 3 3.R.3 Historic Warehouse District Neighborhood (roughly bounded by the RTA Waterfront Line to the north, West 3rd Street, Superior Avenue and West 10th Street) re-develop surface parking lots and convert vacant buildings into multi-story, mixed-use developments
Retail 3 3.R.4 The Avenue District (East 12th Street & St. Clair Avenue) redevelop City-owned parking lots into multi-story, mixed-use developments
Retail 3 3.R.5 Tyler Village (between East 36th and East 39th Streets, and St. Clair and Superior Avenues) opportunity for re-use of existing industrial buildings for mixed-use development including commercial, light industrial, and residential uses
Retail 3 3.R.6 Asian Town Center (1541 East 38th Street, on southeast corner of Superior Avenue and East 38th Street) conversion of an industrial building (formerly Kichler Lighting) to a retail and office building
Retail 3 3.R.7 Historic Gateway Neighborhood (north and east of the Gateway sports complex in Downtown Cleveland) re-develop surface parking lots and convert vacant buildings into multistory, mixed-use developments
Retail 3 3.R.8 Norfolk Southern Site (south of Broadway - Innerbelt interchange) opportunity for either retail or light industrial uses
Retail 3 3.R.9 Euclid Avenue Opportunities (Euclid Avenue from Public Square to East 79th Street) develop on underutilized and vacant land along the Euclid Avenue corridor with support retail to complement mixed-use development, building off the Euclid Corridor project investment
Retail 3 3.R.10 East 55th & Woodland (the southwest and northwest corners of the intersection of Woodland Avenue and East 55th Street) opportunity for retail development on vacant land
Retail 3 3.R.11 St. Hyacinth Neighborhood (from the corner of East 55th and Francis Streets to East 63rd Street) opportunity to create a small retail/commercial area that will redefine this area and establish a corridor connecting the neighborhood to the RTA Transit station
Retail 3 3.R.12 Morgana Run Rail Trailheads (two sites—at the intersection of Broadway & Union Avenues, and on the west side of Warner Road at Turney Road) the presence of the new multi-use trail has created an opportunity for recreational retail (e.g., and outdoor sporting goods) at the trail heads and along the trail’s two-mile route
Retail 3 3.R.13 Fleet Avenue (south side of Fleet Avenue between East 54th and East 55th Streets) opportunity to create a town square with public parking
Retail 3 3.R.14 Warner Road (Warner Road between Grand and Vineyard Avenues) consolidate scattered retail within this node
Retail 4 4.R.1 Kinsman Road (between East 72nd and East 79th Streets) opportunity for development of small-scale retail to serve area
Retail 4 4.R.2 Kinsman Square (East 93rd Street and Kinsman Road) demolish existing plaza and retail buildings for large-scale retail development
Retail 4 4.R.3 Broadway & Miles (near intersection) opportunity to develop small-scale retail
Retail 4 4.R.4 Cityview Area (Buckeye Road-Woodhill Road-Shaker Boulevard intersection) demolition of existing buildings and construction of new mixed-use buildings and small-scale retail
Retail 4 4.R.5 East 131st & Miles (northeast corner) demolish or rehab existing retail and assemble property for large-scale retail development
Retail 4 4.R.6 Lee & Miles (northeast and southeast corners) opportunity for mixed-use (retail/housing) development
Retail 5 5.R.1 Addison & Superior (intersection of Addison and Superior Avenues) development of neighborhood shopping amenities with mixed-use retail and office space
Retail 5 5.R.2 League Park Retail (East 65th Street between Hough and Linwood Avenues) development of mixed-use retail/residential to complement future League Park development
Retail 5 5.R.3 Addison & East 79th (triangular intersection of Addison Road and East 79th Street) opportunity for a small-scale retail development centered around the neighborhood’s green space
Retail 5 5.R.4 Martin Luther King Plaza (corner of Crawford Road and Wade Park Avenue) demolition and reconstruction of this neighborhood retail center
Retail 5 5.R.5 Ford & Euclid (northeast corner of Ford Drive and Euclid Avenue intersection) development of mixed-use retail with higher-density residential above
Retail 5 5.R.6 Euclid Avenue Opportunities (Euclid Avenue from Public Square to East 79th Street) develop on underutilized and vacant land along the Euclid Avenue corridor with support retail to complement mixed-use development, building off the Euclid Corridor project investment
Retail 5 5.R.7 East 83rd & Euclid (southeast corner of East 83rd Street and Euclid Avenue) possible restaurant/entertainment reuse in conjunction with the Cleveland Playhouse
Retail 5 5.R.8 Carnegie & East 83rd (northwest corner of East 83rd Street and Carnegie Avenue) development of a retail/entertainment center
Retail 6 6.R.1 White Motor Site- St. Clair Frontage (north side of St. Clair, between East 76th and East 82nd) redevelop the portion of a former industrial site that fronts on a main arterial for new retail development.
Retail 6 6.R.2 St Clair & East 106th (north side of St. Clair Avenue between East 106th and East 107th Streets) develop a neighborhood retail shopping center in an underserved area
Retail 6 6.R.3 East 105th & Superior (northeast and southeast corners of East 105th Street and Superior Avenue) opportunity for a new retail center and mixed-use development using vacant land and underutilized structures
Retail 6 6.R.4 Garrett Square Retail Area (stretching from East 123rd Street and Superior Avenue to the Cleveland/East Cleveland border) redevelopment and rehabilitation of vacant and dilapidated parcels and structures
Retail 6 6.R.5 Three Points (triangular intersection of Shaw and St. Clair Avenues) opportunity to develop mixed-use residential/commercial space
Retail 6 6.R.6 Five Points (southwest corner of St. Clair Avenue and East 152nd Street) capitalize on the opportunity for complementary mixed-use development created by the presence of new recreational amenities just south of this highly accessible intersection
Retail 6 6.R.7 Euclid Avenue Greenlight Shopping Center (north side of Euclid Avenue at Cleveland/Euclid border) demolition and redevelopment of former shopping center site and an adjacent parcel fronting on Euclid Avenue