One- and Two-Family Residential: low-density residential areas characterized by single-family and two-family houses.
Townhouse: medium density residential areas characterized by townhouse, row-house, or single-family attached units.
Multi-Family Residential: medium-to high-density residential areas characterized by townhouses, low-rise apartments or high-rise apartments.
Office: commercial areas characterized by general, medical and professional office buildings.
Retail: commercial areas characterized by businesses serving frequent shopping and entertainment needs.
Commercial Service: commercial areas characterized by businesses primarily serving other businesses (such as contractors, wholesalers, machine repair shops, etc.) and by businesses serving infrequent shopping needs (such as auto sales and auto repair).*
Light Industry: areas characterized by warehouses, distributors and light manufacturing uses which do not produce high levels of noise, vibration, dust, smoke or pollution and do not include outdoor storage.
Heavy Industry: areas characterized by manufacturing and processing operations which produce relatively high levels of noise, vibration, dust, smoke or pollution or which include outdoor storage.
Recreation/Open Space: parks, playgrounds, recreation centers, stadiums, and land reserved for outdoor open space.
Institutional: areas occupied by schools, churches, hospitals, museums, governmental buildings, community facilities, etc.
Transportation/Utilities: areas devoted to railroads, transit lines, freeways, airports, electric sub-stations, water and sewage treatment plants, etc.
Vacant Land: areas not occupied by buildings or active land uses and not reserved for recreation or open space.
Mixed-Use/ Residential-Retail-Office: areas characterized by residential uses mixed with retail or office uses, arranged in a complementary manner .
Mixed-Use/ “Live-Work”: areas characterized by housing and complementary business or industrial uses in shared spaces.
Commercial Parking: independentparking lots or garages serving an area or district, rather than as accessory to a single property, and typically operated on a fee-for-parking basis.

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