Classification District Proj. No. Name Description
Arts & Culture 6 6.A.1 African American Cultural Garden in Rockefeller Park (Martin Luther King Boulevard) the addition, and development, of an African-American Cultural Garden honoring Clevelanders’ African-American heritage to the 24 existing cultural gardens in Rockefeller Park
Arts & Culture 6 6.A.2 East 105th Street Wall (East 105th Street) creation of an outdoor wall mural on East 105th Street at the Bratenahl border celebrating the multi-ethnic heritage and contributions of the Glenville neighborhood
Arts & Culture 6 6.A.3 Garrett Square Public Art (East 123rd Street and Lakeview Road) create a statue, icon or art piece honoring Garrett Morgan, inventor of the traffic light, at East 123rd Street and Lakeview Avenue (see Garrett Square Plan)
Arts & Culture 6 6.A.4 Lakeview Road Bridge Beautification (Lakeview Road and Ashbury Avenue) create decorative lighting, wall murals and signage for the bridge located on Lakeview Road near the Cleveland - East Cleveland border
Arts & Culture 6 6.A.5 RTA Station Bridge Beautification (located at Superior and Roselle Avenues) could include new decorative lighting, wall murals, and signage
Arts & Culture 6 6.A.6 Pedestrian Bridge Overpasses (over I-90 just west of East 185th Street) create decorative lighting, signage and trail connections at these bridges highlighting Collinwood’s heritage
Arts & Culture 6 6.A.7 Lakeshore Boulevard Bridge Beautification (over Euclid Creek near the entrance to Wildwood State Park ) upgrade bridge with decorative lighting and wall improvements Park
Arts & Culture 6 6.A.8 Lake Erie Coastal Scenic Byway (Lakeshore Boulevard) promote improvements that highlight this nationally designated scenic byway
Arts & Culture 6 6.A.9 Euclid Beach Archway (Lakeshore Boulevard just north of Humphrey): situate old Euclid Beach Archway at proposed new park entrance consistent with the lakeshore masterplan
Arts & Culture 6 6.A.10 Glenville Wall of Fame (East 105th & St Clair) opportunity for famous Glenville residents to be honored on brick wall mural
Economic Development 6 6.E.1. White Motors Site (east of East 72nd, north of St. Clair) redevelop vacant/underutilized industrial site for new light industrial development.
Economic Development 6 6.E.2 Bratenahl Property (south of I-90 north of Coit Road): 27 acres of clean vacant land currently owned by Forest City in the Village of Bratenahl retail use proposed
Economic Development 6 6.E.3 Former National Acme building (corner of East 131st Street and Coit Road) develop for light industrial use site now a partially occupied multi-tenant building
Economic Development 6 6.E.4 Chem Properties (corner of East 131st Street and Taft Avenue) develop 3-acre site for light industrial uses
Economic Development 6 6.E.5 Water Tower Park Coit Road Site (corner parcel east of East 140th Street, north of Coit Road) potential development of remaining 17 acres of 40 acre site (proposed Job Corp facility using 23 acres)
Economic Development 6 6.E.6 Northern Lakes Management Properties-(north of Water Tower Park) underutilized scrap yard provides access to Bratenahl Site by way of Coit Road in Cleveland
Economic Development 6 6.E.7 Five Points Industrial Area (East 152nd Street and Ivanhoe Road) reutilization of vacant and underutilized structures for possible recreation and related uses
Economic Development 6 6.E.8 Mandalay Properties (three sites at London and Mandalay) proposed for light industrial use
Economic Development 6 6.E.9 Nottingham Business Campus (17000 St. Clair Avenue) commercial & light industrial uses proposed for partially occupied, partially vacant buildings
Retail 6 6.R.1 White Motor Site- St. Clair Frontage (north side of St. Clair, between East 76th and East 82nd) redevelop the portion of a former industrial site that fronts on a main arterial for new retail development.
Retail 6 6.R.2 St Clair & East 106th (north side of St. Clair Avenue between East 106th and East 107th Streets) develop a neighborhood retail shopping center in an underserved area
Retail 6 6.R.3 East 105th & Superior (northeast and southeast corners of East 105th Street and Superior Avenue) opportunity for a new retail center and mixed-use development using vacant land and underutilized structures
Retail 6 6.R.4 Garrett Square Retail Area (stretching from East 123rd Street and Superior Avenue to the Cleveland/East Cleveland border) redevelopment and rehabilitation of vacant and dilapidated parcels and structures
Retail 6 6.R.5 Three Points (triangular intersection of Shaw and St. Clair Avenues) opportunity to develop mixed-use residential/commercial space
Retail 6 6.R.6 Five Points (southwest corner of St. Clair Avenue and East 152nd Street) capitalize on the opportunity for complementary mixed-use development created by the presence of new recreational amenities just south of this highly accessible intersection
Retail 6 6.R.7 Euclid Avenue Greenlight Shopping Center (north side of Euclid Avenue at Cleveland/Euclid border) demolition and redevelopment of former shopping center site and an adjacent parcel fronting on Euclid Avenue
Recreation 6 6.P.1 Dike 14 (north of I-90 & Martin Luther King Boulevard) restoration of 88 acres of a confined disposal facility into an accessible natural resource area on the lakefront
Recreation 6 6.P.2 Gordon Park (south of I-90 and west of Martin Luther King Boulevard) development of a multi-purpose recreation facility and aquatic center
Recreation 6 6.P.3 Forest Hills Parkway (between Lakeview and Eddy Roads) comprehensive parkway enhancements to include major renovations such as trail connector signage, lighting, ball fields, and indoor/outdoor recreation opportunities
Recreation 6 6.P.4 Five Points Area (St. Clair Avenue, East 152nd Street and Ivanhoe Road) acquisition of former industrial property for the development of a neighborhood sports complex and recreation campus
Recreation 6 6.P.5 Endora Park (south of Hilton Road and north of Belvoir Boulevard) make community park improvements to provide informal passive recreation, such as trails, picnic areas and open space, miniature golf
Recreation 6 6.P.6 Humphrey Park (south of Lakeshore Boulevard, north of Grovewood Avenue) expand the existing park by making use of vacant or underutilized retail buildings on Lake Shore Boulevard
Recreation 6 6.P.7 Euclid Beach Park and Wildwood Park (north of Lakeshore Boulevard, west and east of Euclid Creek) develop and reconfigure the existing parks, including overall cosmetic improvements, to create visible and accessible connections to the neighborhood (see Lakeshore Area Plan)
Recreation 6 6.P.8 Lower Euclid Creek (South of Wildwood State Park to Euclid Creek Reservation) restoration and preservation of existing creek system with development of a trail connection linking Euclid Creek to the waterfront
Recreation 6 6.P.9 Quarry Trail (South of Euclid Avenue, east of Green Road) develop trail along the route of a former rail spur that serviced the bluestone quarries in South Euclid with opportunity for heritage interpretation
Schools 6 6.S.1 Charles Lake Elementary (East 88th Street and Carr Avenue) opportunity for the creative reuse of the former school building as an Environmental Education Center, as outlined in the Cleveland Lakefront Plan
Schools 6 6.S.2 Forest Hills Park Elementary (East 110th Street) opportunity to redesign the existing school to take better advantage of its park setting and connect it to other nearby schools along the park system via a new trail
Schools 6 6.S.3 Glenville High School (East 114th Street and St. Clair Avenue) opportunity to redesign the existing school to take better advantage of its park setting and connect it to other nearby schools along the park system via a new trail
Schools 6 6.S.4 Patrick Henry (Arlington Avenue and East 117th Street) opportunity to construct a new school that takes better advantage of its park setting, connecting it to other nearby schools along the park system via a new trail, and renovating the existing football stadium
Schools 6 6.S.5 Collinwood High School (St. Clair Avenue and Ivanhoe Road) acquisition of industrial property adjacent to Collinwood High School for the development of a sports campus to be utilized by Collinwood High School
Housing 6 6.H.1 East 88th & Carr Area (northwest corner of Carr Avenue and East 88th Street) vacant land on East 88th Street and Carr Avenue directly south of the rail lines presents an opportunity for development of multi-family housing
Housing 6 6.H.2 Columbia & Greenlawn (East 105th Street between Columbia and Greenlawn Avenues) acquire site and demolish existing structure on east side of East 105th Street between Columbia and Greenlawn avenues to create sufficient space for mixed-use housing
Housing 6 6.H.3 Olivet & Hathaway (east side of East 105th Street between Olivet and Hathaway Avenues) opportunity for higher-density, townhouse development along East 105th Street
Housing 6 6.H.4 Superior & East 105th (intersection of Superior Avenue and East 105th Street) opportunity for high-density development of 150 new housing units including mixed-use residential/retail and townhouses
Housing 6 6.H.5 Tanner Area (Superior Avenue and Tanner Court between East 99th and East 103rd Streets) opportunities for infill housing construction
Housing 6 6.H.6 Superior Avenue Area (Superior Avenue between East 105th Street and Lakeview Road) acquire key vacant parcels along Superior Avenue between East 105th Street and Lakeview Road for townhouse development
Housing 6 6.H.7 Lakeview Row (east side of Lakeview Road just south of Superior Avenue) utilize vacant parcels on Lakeview Road just south of Hot Sauce Williams for townhouse development
Housing 6 6.H.8 Ashbury & Lakeview (area bounded by Ashbury Avenue and Lakeview Road) rehabilitation or demolition of abandoned or underutilized buildings to create housing opportunities for planned unit development
Housing 6 6.H.9 Parkwood/Linn Drive Area (various sites along Parkwood Avenue) vacant land and dilapidated structures offer opportunities here for infill housing & rehabilitation of still usable structrures
Housing 6 6.H.10 Brookwood & East 120th Area (north of St. Clair between Brookwood Avenue and East 120th Street) opportunity for infill/rehab using various city programs
Housing 6 6.H.11 Brackland/Arlington Area (streets bounded by Brackland Avenue to the north and Arlington Avenue to the south) various sites for infill/targeted rehabilitation & code enforcement
Housing 6 6.H.12 Shaw & St. Clair Triangle (corner of Shaw and St. Clair Avenues) opportunity for higher-density residential development including mixed-use high-rise and townhouses
Housing 6 6.H.13 St. Clair/Woodworth Area (south of St. Clair Avenue and north of Woodworth Avenue) opportunities on various available sites for planned unit development, townhouses or infill housing
Housing 6 6.H.14 Galewood Area (Galewood Drive, East 145th, East 146th, East 148th and East 149th Streets) multiple opportunities for infill/targeted rehab
Housing 6 6.H.15 Coit Corner (East 140th Street and St Clair Avenue) vacant parcels fronting on the southwest corner of East 140th Street and St Clair Avenue offer opportunities for infill housing
Housing 6 6.H.16 Aspinwall/St Clair Area (along East 141st and East 149th Streets and Aspinwall Avenue) targeted rehabilitation/code enforcement