Classification District Proj. No. Name Description
Arts & Culture 5 5.A.1 St Clair (St Clair Avenue) add public art and banners
Arts & Culture 5 5.A.2 League Park Area (Corner of East 66th & Lexington) (murals, statues, signage, etc.) highlighted the old Negro Leagues
Arts & Culture 5 5.A.3 African American Museum (corner of Hough & Crawford) potential relocation for redevelopment and expansion of African-American History museum
Arts & Culture 5 5.A.4 The Cleveland Playhouse (Euclid & East 83rd) opportunity for acquisition & expansion of adjacent parcels to accommodate entertainment & retail
Arts & Culture 5 5.A.5 University Circle (area bound by East 105th Chester, Carnegie, and Euclid Avenues) addition of historical markers highlighting the university neighborhoods history & cultural institutions
Arts & Culture 5 5.A.6 Karamu (East 79th & Quincy) opportunity to develop signage for existing facility and complementary development in the surrounding area that highlights the prominent African-American theater (Karamu Theater district)
Arts & Culture 5 5.A.7 Larchmere (Larchmere Ave) addition of public art and banners highlighting antique district
Arts & Culture 5 5.A.8 Shaker Square ( historical marker signage, large photos showing the square’s history and origin could be incorporated on street banners or kiosk at transit stops
Arts & Culture 5 5.A.9 Buckeye (Buckeye Road) addition of public art and banners on Buckeye consistent with the Buckeye Road masterplan
Arts & Culture 5 5.A.10 Moreland Theater (East 119th & Buckeye) restoration of existing theater for performing arts
Arts & Culture 5 5.A.11 Artesian Square (Buckeye Road & East 123rd St) proposed arts district
Economic Development 5 5.E.1 Midtown Technology Center Area (between East 55th Street and East 75th Street) opportunity for higher density development combining retail, office, warehousing and tech uses with major transportation enhancements
Economic Development 5 5.E.2 Fairfax Manufacturing Campus (bound by East 71st and East 79th Streets & Quincy Avenue) redevelop for light industrial uses
Economic Development 5 5.E.3 Quincy Avenue (between East 79th and East 105th Streets) acquire key sites for neighborhood retail and housing redevelopment consistent with the Fairfax Master Plan; i.e., retail/ housing /mixed-use
Economic Development 5 5.E.4 Former Industrial Buildings (East 93rd Street at Beckman and Folsom Avenues) adaptive reuse of facility into live-work space
Economic Development 5 5.E.5 Schmidt Brewery Site (East 93rd Street and Quincy Avenues) institutional use proposed, future Juvenile Intervention facility
Economic Development 5 5.E.6 Quincy Basin (south side of East 105th Street and Quincy Avenue intersection) acquire key vacant parcel for development of light industrial use as outlined in the Fairfax Master Plan
Economic Development 5 5.E.7 Victoreen Building (north of Woodhill Road and Woodland Avenue intersection) adaptive reuse of existing vacant structure for light industrial use
Economic Development 5 5.E.8 CMSD Building (East 105th Street and Quincy Avenue) adaptive reuse of existing structure for proposed new business and office space
Economic Development 5 5.E.9 Frank Avenue Area (south of Carnegie, east of East 105th and west of Stokes) redevelop the area for office, institutional and research facilities incorporating residential development, including live-work spaces, in locations closer to University Circle
Retail 5 5.R.1 Addison & Superior (intersection of Addison and Superior Avenues) development of neighborhood shopping amenities with mixed-use retail and office space
Retail 5 5.R.2 League Park Retail (East 65th Street between Hough and Linwood Avenues) development of mixed-use retail/residential to complement future League Park development
Retail 5 5.R.3 Addison & East 79th (triangular intersection of Addison Road and East 79th Street) opportunity for a small-scale retail development centered around the neighborhood’s green space
Retail 5 5.R.4 Martin Luther King Plaza (corner of Crawford Road and Wade Park Avenue) demolition and reconstruction of this neighborhood retail center
Retail 5 5.R.5 Ford & Euclid (northeast corner of Ford Drive and Euclid Avenue intersection) development of mixed-use retail with higher-density residential above
Retail 5 5.R.6 Euclid Avenue Opportunities (Euclid Avenue from Public Square to East 79th Street) develop on underutilized and vacant land along the Euclid Avenue corridor with support retail to complement mixed-use development, building off the Euclid Corridor project investment
Retail 5 5.R.7 East 83rd & Euclid (southeast corner of East 83rd Street and Euclid Avenue) possible restaurant/entertainment reuse in conjunction with the Cleveland Playhouse
Retail 5 5.R.8 Carnegie & East 83rd (northwest corner of East 83rd Street and Carnegie Avenue) development of a retail/entertainment center
Recreation 5 5.P.1 Grdina Park (East 61st Street north of St. Clair Avenue) upgrade existing park as recommended through 2006 planning process
Recreation 5 5.P.2 Pennsylvania-Zoeter (between Pennsylvania and Zoeter Avenues) redevelopment of existing open space to accommodate community recreation activities (playfields, baseball diamond with benches, etc.)
Recreation 5 5.P.3 Lakeview Cemetery (between Euclid Avenue and Mayfield Road) addition of benches, aesthetic improvements, historical markers and trails to allow for passive recreation in an historic Cleveland asset
Recreation 5 5.P.4 League Park (southeast corner of Linwood Avenue and East 66th Street) proposed ball park and community recreation amenities highlighting the historic Negro leagues
Recreation 5 5.P.5 Ambler Park (Cedar Avenue and Glenwood Road south of the RTA transit station) develop passive recreation amenities at existing community park near the RTA transit stop with seating-area lighting and pedestrian trails
Recreation 5 5.P.6 Fairfax Park (corner of East 83rd Street and Quincy Avenue) upgrade this neighborhood park to serve as a multi-faceted recreation area for the Fairfax neighborhood, with basketball and tennis courts, track and open space, along with a small indoor facility on the site
Recreation 5 5.P.7 Woodland Park (East 83rd Street and Woodland Avenue) develop a new neighborhood park to include a ball diamond, basketball courts, greenspace and parking area
Recreation 5 5.P.8 Stokes Parkway (green area north of Stokes Boulevard) add recreational amenities such as walking and bike trails, benches, basketball and tennis courts
Schools 5 5.S.1 Willson Elementary School (on East 55th Street between Luther and Payne Avenues) opportunity for possible adaptive reuse of this building as a community center after the school is relocated
Schools 5 5.S.2 Daniel E. Morgan School (corner of East 83rd Street and Wade Park) construct a new community facility on this site that would serve all of the neighborhood’s residents, offering adult education programming during non-school hours and use of the existing greenspace as a community park
Schools 5 5.S.3 John Hay Renovation (corner of Carnegie Avenue and Stokes Boulevard) take advantage of the opportunity presented by the massive renovation of the school building and grounds to integrate John Hay High School with surrounding institutions and the larger community by creating a campus that links the high school to Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Clinic
Housing 5 5.H.1 Former Howard Johnson Motel (5700 South Marginal Road) opportunity for mixed-use residential/retail development
Housing 5 5.H.2 Reese Paper Area (between East 61st and East 62nd Streets, from Grdina Avenue to the back of the retail fronting on St Clair Avenue) opportunity for townhouse development on vacant parcels
Housing 5 5.H.3 Former Tops Supermarket Site (East 74th Street and St Clair Avenue) opportunity for high-density mixed-use residential/retail development
Housing 5 5.H.4 East 71st Properties (along East 71st Street between Superior & St. Clair Avenues) rehabilitation or demolition of dilapidated homes for infill/rehab
Housing 5 5.H.5 Addison Road Site (northwest corner of Carl Avenue and Addison Road) opportunity for development of single-family townhouses
Housing 5 5.H.6 St. Vitus Area (East 60th Street to Norwood Avenue, Lausche Avenue to Superior Avenue) demolition, infill housing and rehabilitation to enhance nearby investment in the St. Vitus neighborhood
Housing 5 5.H.7 Kosciusko Area (along Kosciusko, Sowinski, Pulaski, Bellevue, Korman, Simon and Crumb Avenues) opportunities for development of single-family infill or rehabilitated housing accompanied by code enforcement
Housing 5 5.H.8 North Superior (along Superior Avenue between East 80th and East 89th Streets) opportunities for townhouse and infill development and targeted rehabilitation
Housing 5 5.H.9 Pennsylvania Avenue (Pennsylvania Avenue from East 66th to East 70th Streets) infill housing development
Housing 5 5.H.10 Melrose Area (various sites on Melrose, Cory and Whitethorne avenues) multiple opportunities for infill or rehabbed housing
Housing 5 5.H.11 Birchdale-Wade Area (along Birchdale, Blaine and Kenmore Avenues off East 86th Street and Wade Park Avenue) single-family infill housing and rehab of multi-family structures to capitalize on nearby shopping plaza renovation
Housing 5 5.H.12 Upper Chester (area along Lamont, Woodard, Newton and Logan) to be redeveloped as part of the Upper Chester Plan (single-family infill/rehab/mixed-use)
Housing 5 5.H.13 Little Italy North (Coltman Road and the streets from East 120th to East 124th) targeted rehab and code enforcement where housing is in deteriorated condition
Housing 5 5.H.14 Midtown Mixed-Use District (Euclid Avenue from East 71st to East 75th Streets) high-density mixed-use (residential/retail and office/retail) development as proposed in the Midtown Redevelopment Plan
Housing 5 5.H.15 Cedar & East 105th (Cedar and Carnegie from East 105th to Stokes): redevelop the area to a mixed-use district incorporating institutional and research facilities with residential development including live-work spaces
Housing 5 5.H.16 Golden Avenue Area (East 80th through East 83rd Street, and Golden Avenue) development of single-family infill housing in conjunction with targeted rehabilitation of existing housing
Housing 5 5.H.17 Woodland East Area (East 80th through East 82nd Street, north of Woodland Road) development of single-family infill housing in conjunction with targeted rehabilitation of existing housing
Housing 5 5.H.18 Benjamin Rose Site (south of Fairhill Road and east of MLK Boulevard) development of single-family senior housing
Housing 5 5.H.19 Buckeye Shaker South Area (Forest, Parkview, Continental, Griffing, Parkhill, Soika and Imperial Avenues) problem areas targeted for rehab/code enforcement