Classification District Proj. No. Name Description
Arts & Culture 4 4.A.1 Cityview Park (Buckeye/Woodhill/Shaker intersection) pocket park & gateway signage to Buckeye-Shaker/Woodland Hills neighborhood
Arts & Culture 4 4.A.2 St. Luke’s Point (Shaker Boulevard between East 110th Street and East Boulevard) public art at the St. Luke’s housing site
Arts & Culture 4 4.A.3 Miles Avenue (between Elmarge Avenue and East 113th Street) potential historic district
Arts & Culture 4 4.A.4 Mt. Carmel Point (East 116th Street & Mt. Carmel Avenue) opportunity for public art at the gateway to the Woodland Hills neighborhood
Arts & Culture 4 4.A.5 Mt. Pleasant Heritage House (Kinsman & East 128th) opportunity to develop a cultural center
Arts & Culture 4 4.A.6 Kinsman Point (The point at Kinsman, Union, and East 140th) opportunity for public art at intersection of Kinsman & Union
Economic Development 4 4.E.1 Forgotten Triangle (between RTA tracks, Buckeye Road and Kinsman Avenue) potential industrial, office and commercial development on underutilized land
Economic Development 4 4.E.2 Hemisphere II (south of Kinsman Road between East 82nd and East 79th Streets) opportunity for new industrial development
Economic Development 4 4.E.3 Hemisphere Development (south of Kinsman Road and east of East 80th Street) opportunity for industrial park
Economic Development 4 4.E.4 Union Miles Properties (between East 91st and East 93rd Streets) opportunity for new and expanded industrial development
Retail 4 4.R.1 Kinsman Road (between East 72nd and East 79th Streets) opportunity for development of small-scale retail to serve area
Retail 4 4.R.2 Kinsman Square (East 93rd Street and Kinsman Road) demolish existing plaza and retail buildings for large-scale retail development
Retail 4 4.R.3 Broadway & Miles (near intersection) opportunity to develop small-scale retail
Retail 4 4.R.4 Cityview Area (Buckeye Road-Woodhill Road-Shaker Boulevard intersection) demolition of existing buildings and construction of new mixed-use buildings and small-scale retail
Retail 4 4.R.5 East 131st & Miles (northeast corner) demolish or rehab existing retail and assemble property for large-scale retail development
Retail 4 4.R.6 Lee & Miles (northeast and southeast corners) opportunity for mixed-use (retail/housing) development
Recreation 4 4.P.1 Kingsbury Run (south of Garden Valley) opportunity to develop linear park and trail
Recreation 4 4.P.2 Marion Motley Playfield (south of Garden Valley) redevelopment of existing playing field
Recreation 4 4.P.3 Troy Lee Jones Cultural Garden (Kinsman Road and East 90th Street) opportunity for a community garden
Recreation 4 4.P.4 Ken Johnson Recreation Center (Woodland Avenue and East 91st Street) expansion of recreation center and park
Recreation 4 4.P.5 Jack Rabbit Hill (between Sandusky and Way Avenues, from East 96th to East 100th Streets) development of a new park at Jack Rabbit Hill in Union Miles neighborhood
Recreation 4 4.P.6 Prince Avenue Park (between East 112th and East 116th Streets) opportunity for a pocket park or a community garden
Recreation 4 4.P.7 Kinsman Road Junkyard Site (between East 110th and East 116th Streets) expansion of existing park
Recreation 4 4.P.8 Hamilton Park (Union Avenue and East 132nd Street) demolish the industrial buildings at Union Avenue and East 132nd Street and develop a park to complement Alexander Hamilton Recreation Center
Recreation 4 4.P.9 Miles Heights Park (Johnston Parkway) upgrade existing park
Recreation 4 4.P.10 Fredrick Douglas Park (Miles Avenue and Judson Boulevard) upgrade existing park
Recreation 4 4.P.11 Kerruish Park (Lee Road and Tarkington Avenue) upgrade existing park, adding trails and a nature center
Schools 4 4.S.1 Harvey Rice (East 116th Street and Buckeye Road) relocation of Harvey Rice School to St. Luke’s site
Housing 4 4.H.1 Sidaway Site (Kinsman Road between East 68th Street and Sidaway Avenue) opportunity for single-family housing
Housing 4 4.H.2 Forgotten Triangle (Kinsman Road, RTA tracks, East 79th Streett) opportunity for single- and multi-family housing
Housing 4 4.H.3 Garden Valley (Kinsman Road between Sidaway Avenue and East 79th Street) demolish existing and build new multi-family and infill housing
Housing 4 4.H.4 Laisy & St. Catherine (east of East 93rd Street between Laisy and St. Catherine Avenues) single-family housing
Housing 4 4.H.5 (Removed)
Housing 4 4.H.6 Woodhill (Woodhill Road and East 93rd Street between Grandview Avenue and Kinsman Road) opportunity for townhouse single- and multi-family housing with great views of the city’s skyline
Housing 4 4.H.7 Mt. Carmel Area (between Woodland Avenue and East Boulevard) opportunities for rehab and infill housing
Housing 4 4.H.8 St. Luke’s Point (Shaker Boulevard between East 110th and East 116th Streets) construction of multi- and single-family housing
Housing 4 4.H.9 Beacon/Gibson (between Union Avenue and Anderson Avenue) opportunity for rehab and infill housing to compliment the renovation of Carol McClendon Park
Housing 4 4.H.10 Miles Area (between East 93rd and East 99th Streets) opportunity for infill housing
Housing 4 4.H.11 Kinsman Road (between East 117th and East 126th Streets) opportunity to demolish underutilized structures for townhouse development
Housing 4 4.H.12 East 140th Street (north of Kinsman Road) rehab existing vacant multi-family buildings
Housing 4 4.H.13 Lee & Miles (east of Lee Road and north of Miles Road) opportunity for retail and townhouse development
Housing 4 4.H.14 Lee Road & I-480 (northeast corner) opportunity for multi-family townhouse development
Housing 4 4.H.15 Heritage Estates (East 176th Street south of South Miles Road) construct new single-family housing on vacant parcels
Economic Development 4 4.E.5 Woodland & East 93rd (between Woodland Avenue and Buckeye Road) opportunity for new business development in underutilized area