Classification District Proj. No. Name Description
Arts & Culture 1 1.A.1 Variety Theatre Arts District (centered around West 117th Street and Lorain Avenue) opportunity for revitalization of area with uses that compliment renovated Variety Theatre
Economic Development 1 1.E.1 Emerald Corporate Park (Grayton & Brookpark Roads) develop for office park
Economic Development 1 1.E.2 Cleveland Business Park (Rocky River Drive at Cleveland Parkway) develop for office and light industrial use
Economic Development 1 1.E.3 Abrams Site (West 130th Street just south of Bellaire Road) develop for heavy and/or light industrial use
Economic Development 1 1.E.4 Former Midland Steel Site (Madison Avenue & West 106th Street) redevelop for light industrial use
Economic Development 1 1.E.5 Berea Road Site (area bounded by Berea Road, West 102nd Street and Madison Avenue) redevelop for light industrial use
Economic Development 1 1.E.6 West 112th Street Site (between Franklin Boulevard and Madison Avenue) redevelop for light industrial use
Economic Development 1 1.E.7 Former Monarch Aluminum/Trinity Building Site (9203 Detroit Avenue) redevelop for light industrial use
Retail 1 1.R.1 Rocky River Drive Sites (at Cleveland Business Park) opportunity for stand-alone or mixed-use retail
Retail 1 1.R.2 West 130th Street Site (at Brookpark Road) potential for shopping plaza or large store development
Retail 1 1.R.3 Bellaire Corridor (between Brookfield and Grimsby Avenues) opportunity for full-scale grocery store/mixed use development
Retail 1 1.R.4 Lorain Corridor (at Rocky River Drive between West 165th Street and Old Lorain Road) opportunity for retail in conjunction with streetscape improvements
Retail 1 1.R.5 West 117th Street Corridor (between Clifton Boulevard and Madison Avenue) mixed-use redevelopment on various parcels
Recreation 1 1.P.1 Stormwater Detention Pond (Puritas Avenue and Industrial Parkway) opportunity for bird sanctuary and passive recreation
Recreation 1 1.P.2 Bellaire Road (at West 130th Street) opportunity for bioremediation of soil and conversion to natural/passive greenspace
Recreation 1 1.P.3 Detroit Avenue Site (at West Boulevard) pocket park on current vacant land near rail tracks
Recreation 1 1.P.4 West 110th Street (between Detroit Avenue and railroad tracks) passive recreation greenspace opportunity
Schools 1 1.S.1 Former Nathaniel Hawthorne School (West 130th Street south of Lorain Avenue) potential for reuse after school building is decommissioned
Housing 1 1.H.1 Bellaire Corridor (between Brookfield Avenue and Grimsby Avenue) mixed-use, single-family, townhouse development
Housing 1 1.H.2 Warren Avenue Site (at Montrose Avenue) townhouse development
Housing 1 1.H.3 Denison Corridor (between West 73rd Street and Lorain Avenue) townhouse development on various parcels
Housing 1 1.H.4 Madison/West 117th Site(at West 117th Street) high-density development with opportunity for mixed-use development
Housing 1 1.H.5 Madison Avenue Site (at West 105th Street) infill townhouse development
Housing 1 1.H.6 West 112th Street Site (near Franklin Boulevard) potential for townhouse redevelopment
Housing 1 1.H.7 Detroit Avenue Site (west of RTA station) townhouse development