Agenda for April 1, 2016

The Planning Commission Meeting starts at 9:00am in Room 514 City Hall

Planning Commission Members

Phyllis Cleveland
Tim Tramble
Fred Collier, Director
David H. Bowen
Lillian Kuri
Lawrence A. Lumpkin
Gloria Jean Pinkney

Items may be added or removed before the meeting.

Photo Gallery


  1. For PPNs #002-08-034 & -035
    Location: 1282 & 1284 West 65th Street
    Project Representative: Stu Friedman, Sterling Development Consultants
  2. For PPN #002-35-107
    Location: 1876 West 47th Street
    Project Representative: Michael Camaglia, Property Owner


  1. Ordinance No. 297-16(Ward 3/Councilperson Cimperman): Authorizing the Director of the Mayor's Office of Capital Projects to issue a permit to Schofield Properties, LLC to encroach into the public right-of-way of East 9th Street by installing, using, and maintaining an underground vault.
  2. Ordinance No. 364-16(Citywide): To repeal Section 348.01 of the Codified Ordinances of Cleveland, Ohio, 1976, as enacted by Ordinance No. 1536-14, passed January 26, 2015, relating to the Urban Form Overlay District; and to supplement the codified ordinances by enacting new Sections 348.01 through 348.05, relating to Urban Form Overlay Districts and Urban Core Overlay Districts.
  3. Ordinance No. 380-16(Ward 3/Councilmember Cimperman): Authorizing the Director of Capital Projects to issue a permit or permits to Downtown Cleveland Alliance, its successors and assigns, to encroach into the public right-of-way of various locations within the Downtown Cleveland Alliance Service Area with banners to be attached to utility poles (by separate permission); and authorizing Downtown Cleveland Alliance to coordinate a banner program for the Downtown Cleveland Alliance Service Area.
  4. Ordinance No. 396-16(Ward 7/Councilmember Dow): Authorizing the Directors of Community Development and Capital Projects to enter into an amendment to Contract No. CT 8006, NF 2013-016 with UCAA LIMITED, an Ohio limited liability company, designee of the Finch Group, Inc. relating to the redevelopment of a portion of the Upper Chester Target Area; and to authorize a development agreement with Case Western Reserve University, the Cleveland Clinic, or their collective designees, regarding the sale and redevelopment of additional parcels located in the Upper Chester Target Area.


  1. NW2016-008 William Raney Harper K-8 School New Construction: Seeking Final Approval
    Project Address: 5515 Ira Avenue
    Project Representative: Andrejs Smiltars, Architectural Vision Group
    Note: this project received Schematic Design Approval on February 5, 2016.
  2. NW2016-011 Proposed Demolition of a 2 -Story former Funeral Home and a 2-Story Residential Structure: Seeking Final Approval
    Project Address: 3111 Broadview Road and 3016 Stimson Court
    Project Representatives: Salvatore Rini, Perspectus Architecture
    Larry Pol, Perspectus Architecture


  1. EC2016-007 Proposed Demolition of a 1-Story Commercial Building: Seeking Final Approval
    Project Address: 11611 Euclid Avenue
    Project Representatives: Russell Berusch, E 116th & Euclid LLC
    Alexis Boothe, E 116th & Euclid LLC
    Note: the new construction proposed for this site, known as the Apartments at East 116th Street, was given Final Approval by the Planning Commission on December 18th, 2015. The proposed demolition of the existing commercial building was not presented at that time.
  2. EC2016-010 Victory Center/Dealer Tire Parking Structure: Seeking Conceptual Approval
    Project Address: 7012 Euclid Avenue
    Project Representatives: Mark Crowder, Welty Building
    Allan Pollack, Welty Building
    Chuck Ignatz, Graelic
    Laura Englehart, KJK
  3. EC2015-034 Link 59 Campus Master Plan: Seeking Final Approval
    Project Location: East 59th East 63rd Streets b/w Chester and Euclid
    Project Representatives: Brandon Kline, GLSD Architects
    Matt Hills, Behnke


  1. DF2016-017 200 Public Square Monument Sign: Seeking Final Approval
    Project Address: 200 Public Square
    Project Representatives: John McRae, Brilliant Electric Sign
    Major Harrison, Brilliant Electric Sign
    Renee Evans, Harbor Group Mgmt.
  2. DF2016-020 JACK Entertainment Signage Installation: Seeking Final Approval
    Project Address: 100 Public Square
    Project Representatives: Matt Gable, Gable
    Greg Paradis, JACK Entertainment
    Katherine Sanpere, JACK Entertainment
    Len Komoroski, JACK Entertainment
    Ellsworth Grimsley, JACK Entertainment
    Mark Tricano, JACK Entertainment
  3. DF2015-107 Proposed Demolition of a Former Industrial Power Plant: Seeking Final Approval
    Project Address: 6800 South Marginal Road
    Project Representative: David Turner, FirstEnergy
  4. DF2016-022 700 Prospect Avenue Real Estate Banner: Seeking Final Approval
    Project Address: 700 Prospect Avenue
    Project Representative: Lou Belknap, Agile Sign & Lighting
  5. DF2016-024 Airport Signage Program Phase 1: Seeking Final Approval
    Project Location: Cleveland Hopkins and Burke Lakefront Airports
    Project Representative: Scott Hasty, Gensler
  6. DF2016-025 Jim Brown Memorial Statue Base & Location: Seeking Final Approval
    Project Address: 100 Alfred Lerner Way
    Project Representative: Jennifer Leister, Cleveland Browns

Freddy L. Collier Jr., Planning Director

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