City Planning Commission
Agenda for November 2, 2012


PLANNING COMMISSION starts at 9:00 a.m.,
in Room 514 City Hall.


Draft Agenda for November 2, 2012


Planning Commission Members

Gloria Jean Pinkney
Phyllis Cleveland
Norman Krumholz
Robert N. Brown
Anthony J. Coyne, Chairman
David H. Bowen
Lillian Kuri
Lawrence A. Lumpkin


  1. Ordinance No. 1406-12(Ward 3/Councilmember Cimperman): Authorizing the Director of Public Works to execute a deed of easement granting to the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District certain non-exclusive easement rights in property located in the vicinity of the future Flats East Bank Riverfront Park and declaring said easement rights no longer needed for public use; and authorizing the Director of Capital Projects to acquire a certain non-exclusive easement from Flats East Bank Development LLC for improvements related to the repair and replacement of the bulkhead wall on City property that will be redeveloped as the future Flats East Bank Riverfront Park.

  2. Ordinance No. 1452-12(Ward2/Councilmember Reed; Ward 4/Councilmember K. Johnson; Ward 6/Councilmember Mitchell; Ward 9/Councilmember Conwell; Ward 17/Councilmember Brady; Ward 18/Councilmember Sweeney; Ward 19/Councilmember Keane): Authorizing the Mayor to apply to the District One Public Works Integrating Committee for state funding for various infrastructure capital improvement projects and state funding to obtain credit enhancements and loan assistance in support of the City’s general obligation bonds issued for road and bridge improvements.  

  3. Ordinance No. 1531-12(Ward 9/Councilmember Conwell): Authorizing the Director of Public Works to enter into a property adoption agreement with the Putnam Sculpture Collection to install and maintain the Euclid’s Circle Sculpture in the David E. Davis Sculpture Garden in Rockefeller Park. 


  1. Resolution No. 1460-12(Ward 3/Councilmember Cimperman): Authorizing the Mayor to sign a Dedication Plat of new rights of way proposed as part of the Flats East Bank Development.  


  1. Ordinance No. 1533-12(Ward 8/Councilmember J. Johnson): To amend Sections 559.14 and 559.15 of the Codified Ordinances of Cleveland, Ohio. 1976, as amended by various ordinances, relating to the Croatian and the Hebrew Cultural Gardens.


  1. DF2012-096 – Eastbound Innerbelt Bridge Public Art Component
    Project Locations: Ontario Street, West 14th Street, and Fairfield Avenues
    Project Representative: Sarah Seibert, LAND Studio


  1. NE2012-032 – Elk & Elk Office Building Renovation
    Project Address: 3350 West 25th Street
    Project Representatives: Bruce Baum, Amicon Construction
    Craig McLaughlin, Elk & Elk
    Jerry Helsel, Cicogna Electric Sign Co.

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