City Planning Commission
Agenda for July 6, 2012


PLANNING COMMISSION starts at 9:00 a.m.,
in Room 514 City Hall.


Draft Agenda for July 6, 2012


Planning Commission Members

Gloria Jean Pinkney
Phyllis Cleveland
Norman Krumholz
Robert N. Brown
Anthony J. Coyne, Chairman
David H. Bowen
Lillian Kuri
Lawrence A. Lumpkin


  1. Ohio City Vision TOD Inter-Modal Urban Design & Wayfinding Plan for the Market District (NOACA-funded TLCI Plan)


  1. Ordinance No. 275-12(Ward 3/Councilmember Cimperman): Changing the Use District of land located on the southeast corner of Bridge Avenue and West 30th Street from Two Family to Local Retail (for Heck’s expansion).

  2. Ordinance No. 616-12(Ward 12/Councilmember Brancatelli): Changing the Use Districts of lands bounded by Kenyon Avenue, Broadway Avenue and Ackley Road from Semi-Industry and General Retail to Local Retail Business, Two Family or Open Space Recreation. [Tabled at June 15th Meeting.]
  3. Ordinance No. 839-12(Ward 6/Councilmember Mitchell): Changing the Use and Height Districts of land located on the south side of Sophia Avenue west of Woodhill Road from Multi-Family and a ‘1’ Height District to a Semi-Industry District and a ‘2’ Height District.
  4. Ordinance No xxx-12(Ward 16/Councilmember Westbrook): Changing the zoning at the intersection of West 98th Street and Lorain Avenue from General Retail to Local Retail.
  5. Ordinance No. xxx-12(Ward 9/Councilmember Conwell): Changing the Use, Area, and Height Districts of lands on the east side of E. 110th Street north of St. Clair Avenue from One Family, and ‘A’ Area District and a ‘1’ Height District (1F-A1) to a General Retail Business District, a ‘C’ Area District and a ‘2’ Height District (GR-C2).


  1. Ordinance No. 811-12(Ward 8/Councilmember J. Johnson): Authorizing the Director of Public Works to execute a deed of easement granting to the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority certain easement rights in property located at Gordon Park in Cleveland Lakefront State Park, and declaring that the easement rights granted are not needed for public use; authorizing the Director to enter into an amendment to the City’s Master Lease with the State of Ohio, Contract No. 29762, regarding the Cleveland Lakefront State Park to remove overlapping boundaries between the State Park and the Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve; authorizing the Director to lease certain property formerly known as Dike 14 to the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority located within the Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve; and executing an affidavit of ownership for the State of Ohio in order to satisfy State requirements for the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority’s submerged land lease application for the Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve.  

  2. Ordinance No. xxx-12(Ward 18/Councilmember Sweeney): Authorizing the Director of Port Control to enter into and execute agreements and such other documents as may be appropriate to sell .24 acres of City-owned property located north of Springdale Avenue to Cleveland Business Park, Ltd. for not less than the appraised value of Ten Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($10,500). The property is no longer needed for public use.

  3. Ordinance No. 829-12(Ward 5/Councilmember Cleveland): Authorizing the Commissioner of Purchases and Supplies to acquire and re-convey properties presently owned by 3600 Properties LLC, or its designee, located at 6555 Carnegie Avenue for the purpose of entering into the chain-of-title prior to the adoption of tax increment financing legislation authorized under Section 5709.41 of the Revised Code; and authorizing an agreement with 3600 Properties LLC, or its designee.

  4. Ordinance No. xxx-12(Ward 9/Councilmember Conwell): Concerning the sale of air rights at 1641 East 118th Street.

  5. Ordinance No. xxx-12(Ward 8/Councilmember J. Johnson): Designating Empire Junior High School as a Cleveland Landmark.


  1. EC2012-027: 3rd District Police Station New Construction
    Project Address: 4501 Chester Avenue
    Project Representative: Jeff Pesler, MidTown Cleveland

  2. EC2012-026: Demolition
    Project Address: 3138 Payne Avenue
    Project Representatives: Dave Miller, IDC Construction Solutions
    Ted Cutts, Royal Acme


  1. Regarding the reallocation of Public Art funds from three City projects: East Side Maintenance Facility (3000 Woodhill Avenue, Ward 6), the Cleveland Flats Skatepark (1806 Merwin Avenue, Ward 3), and the Gateway Bike Station (East 4th Street, Ward 3)

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