Downtown\Flats Design Review Committee & City Planning Commission
Agenda for April 8 & 9, 2010


DESIGN REVIEW starts at 9:30 a.m.,
in Room 514 at City Hall.


Draft Agenda for April 8, 2010

Committee Members

Fred Holman, Architect
Bruce Jackson, Architect
Rory Turner, Architect
Hector Vega, Artist
Barbara Williams, Resident
Tom Yablonsky, Planner
Thomas Zarfoss, Landscape Architect
Jennifer Coleman, Architect (Chair)
Melanie Boyd, Architect
Charles Bredt, Local Business Representative
Craig Brown, Landscape Architect
Keith Brown, Realtor
Thom Geist, Local Business Representative
Jack Bialosky, Architect
Andrew Blank, Interior Designer


  1. DF 2010-005 – West Shoreway Project
    West Shoreway, Lake Avenue and West 76th Street Pedestrian Access under Shoreway to Edgewater Park, Final Approval of Architectural and Landscape Plan Details
    (Wards 15 and 16)
    Project Representatives:Craig Hebebrand, ODOT
    Natalie Conley, ODOT
    Kirsten Bowen, Michael Baker Jr., Inc.
    Paul Volpe, City Architecture, Inc.
    John Spear, Vintage Development Group 

  2. DF 2010-008 -  Rosetta, Building Addition and Renovations
    629 Euclid Avenue, Ward 3
    Project Representatives: Denver Brooker, FORUM Architectural Services


PLANNING COMMISSION starts at 9:00 a.m.,
in Room 217 at City Hall.


Draft Agenda for April 9, 2010


Planning Commission Members

Gloria Jean Pinkney
Phyllis Cleveland
Norman Krumholz
Robert N. Brown
Anthony J. Coyne, Chairman
David H. Bowen
Lillian Kuri
Lawrence A. Lumpkin


At its last meeting, on March 19, 2010, the Planning Commission lacked a quorum for the entire meeting.  The previous agenda can be found here.


  1. Ordinance No. 213-10 (Ward 10/Miller): To change the Use District of land fronting on East 140th Street south of I-90 and north of Kelso Avenue from Local Retail Business to Residence Office; and changing the Use and Area Districts of land located at the southwest corner of Diana and E. 140th to Two Family Residential and a B Area District (Map Change No. 2297 Sheet Nol. 7).
  2. Ordinance No. 368-10 (Ward 15/Zone): Changing the Use, Area and Height Districts of lands located on W. 65th Street between Fir Avenue and Madison Avenue and lands south of Madison along the railroad ending at Aspen Ct. to Two Family Residential, a B Area District and a 1 Height District (Map Change 2298 Sheet No. 1).


  1. Ordinance No. 356-10 (Ward 12/Brancatelli): Designating St. John Nepomucene Church, School, Rectory, and Convent as a Cleveland Landmark.
  2. Ordinance No. 330-10 (Ward 6/Mitchell): Designating St. Adalbert Church, School, Rectory, and Convent as a Cleveland Landmark.
  3. Ordinance No. 303-10 (Ward 15/Zone): Giving consent of the City of Cleveland to the State of Ohio for the removal and replacement of the Madison Avenue Bridge and the rehabilitation of the West 61st Street Bridge; authorizing the Director of Public Service to enter into any relative agreements.
  4. Ordinance No. 414-10 (Ward 5/Cleveland): Authorizing the Director of Economic Development to apply for and accept a Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund grant from the State of Ohio Department of Development for environmental cleanup and demolition of St. Vincent Charity Hospital campus buildings in order to prepare the site for redevelopment and other major renovations to the campus located at 2351 East 22nd Street in the City of Cleveland; and authorizing the Director to enter into one or more contracts with St. Vincent Charity Medical Center to implement the project.


  1. Ordinance No. 304-10 (Ward 15/Zone) To amend Section 7 of Ordinance No. 657-09, passed June 8, 2009, relating to an amendment to Contract No. 53362 with Euthenics, Inc. to provide additional design services relating to the West 74th Street Bridge rehabilitation project, and to obtain right-of-ways and easements and to authorize contracts to implement the improvement. 
  2. Ordinance No. 310-10 (Ward 10/Miller):  To amend the title and Section 5 of Ordinance No. 852-09, passed July 1, 2009, relating to the Lake-to-Lakes Bike Trail Project; and to supplement the ordinance by adding new Sections 4a., 4b., 4c., 4d., 4e., and 4f.
  3. Ordinance No. 359-10 (Ward 14/Cummins) Authorizing the Director of Parks, Recreation and Properties to enter a Concession Agreement with the Roberto Clemente League for the operation of a concession stand at Roberto Clemente Park, for the Department of Parks, Recreation and Properties, for a period of one year, with four one-year options to renew, exercisable by the Director.
  4. Ordinance No. 329-10 (Ward 3/Cimperman):  Authorizing the Director of Public Service to issue a permit to Hyde Park Restaurant Systems, Inc. to encroach into the public right-of-way of West 6th Street and St. Clair Avenue by installing, using, and maintaining new sidewalk café amenities to include railing, decorative lighting, new awnings, streetscape and signage. 
  5. Ordinance No. 332-10 (Ward 18/Sweeney) Authorizing the Director of Public Service to issue a permit to the Kenneth J. Hylan Trust, Judith Zimbert, and MJMB Investment Fund, L.P. to encroach into the public right-of-way of Brookpark Road by installing, using, and maintaining a 1.25 inch private sanitary force main to service property located at 18301 Brookpark Road. 
  6. Ordinance No. 328-10 (Ward 8/J. Johnson):  Authorizing the Director of Public Service to issue a permit to Cleveland State University to encroach into the public right-of-way of Euclid Avenue by installing, using, and maintaining an electrical power duct bank. 
  7. Ordinance No. 327-10 (Ward 6/Mitchell) Authorizing accepting certain easement interests from the Board of Trustees of the Cleveland Public Library for a sidewalk at the newly constructed Rice Branch, for the Department of Public Service. 


  1. Resolution No. 369-10 (Ward 3/Cimperman): Relating to the Downtown Cleveland Improvement District as a special improvement district within the city; declaring it necessary to provide for additional security for the Downtown Cleveland Improvement District, cleaning and maintenance of the public rights-of-way within the Downtown Cleveland Improvement District, and collective economic development and marketing of the Downtown Cleveland Improvement District; and providing for the assessment of the cost and expense of such work upon benefitted property in the Downtown Cleveland Improvement District and declaring an emergency. [Approved administratively March 24, 2010]
  2. Ordinance No. 358-10 (Ward 3/Cimperman): Authorizing the acquisition of certain easement interests from the Denison Elderly LLC Project for a walkway from Denison Avenue into the Reed Playfield located at West 15th Street and Denison Avenue, for the Department of Parks, Recreation and Properties. [Approved administratively March 25, 2010]
  3. Ordinance No. 331-10 (Ward 7/Dow): To vacate a portion of East 59th Street. [Approved administratively March 30, 2010]


   Digital Billboard at I-480 and Grayton Road


   1. Tremont Pedestrian & Bike Linkages
   2. Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve



  1. DF 2010-005 – Lakefront West:  Preliminary Engineering for Conversion of the West Shoreway (US6/SR2) to an Urban Lakefront Boulevard for entire project between West Blvd. and W. 25th Street – Final Approval, Wards 16, 15, and 3

    Project Representatives:  Craig Hebebrand, ODOT; Paul Volpe, City Architecture, Inc.; Kristen Bowen, Baker Associates

  2. DF 2010-014 – 1111 Chester Avenue Building (facing Chester Commons), Skyline Sign for Ohio Savings Bank, Ward 3
    Project Representatives:  Mark Larkman, Ohio Savings; Joel Frezel, Ace Lighting



  1. FW 2010-007 – Lorain Avenue & Rocky River Drive, Kamms Plaza Outlot, Sherwin Williams Store and Adjacent Storefront, New Construction, Ward 19
  2. FW 2009-024 - 17400-80 Lorain Avenue, Kamms Plaza, Marc’s Store, LED Message Center Installation on South Elevation, Ward 19


  1. EC 2010-037 – Euclid Avenue between Mayfield Avenue and East 115th Street, Uptown Development Project, Ward 9
    Project Representatives:  Josh Herman, Project Manager; Debbie Berry, University Circle, Inc.