Downtown\Flats Design Reveiw Committee & City Planning Commission
Agenda for June 4 & 5, 2009


DESIGN REVIEW starts at 9:30 a.m.,
in Room 514 at City Hall.


Draft Agenda for June 4, 2009

Committee Members

Rory Turner, Architect
Hector Vega, Artist
Barbara Williams, Resident
Tom Yablonsky, Planner
Thomas Zarfoss, Landscape Architect
Jennifer Coleman, Architect (Chair)
Melanie Boyd, Architect
Charles Bredt, Local Business Representative
Craig Brown, Landscape Architect
Keith Brown, Realtor
Thom Geist, Local Business Representative
Fred Holman, Architect
Bruce Jackson, Architect




PLANNING COMMISSION starts at 9:00 a.m.,
in Room 514 at City Hall.


Draft Agenda for June 5, 2009

Planning Commission Members

Gloria Jean Pinkney
Joe Cimperman
Norman Krumholz
Robert N. Brown
Anthony J. Coyne, Chairman
David H. Bowen
Lillian Kuri
Lawrence A. Lumpkin


  1. Ordinance No. 667-09 (Ward 1/Pruitt) To change the zoning of lands on the north side of Miles Avenue at Judson Drive and E. 146th Street from GR to LR.  (Map Change No. 2277, Sheet 10)
  2. Ordinance No. 668-09 (Ward 1/Pruitt):  To change the zoning of lands on the east side of Lee Road south of Kollin Avenue from 1F-A1 to LR-C1.  (Map Change No. 2278, Sheet 10)


  1. Ordinance No. 728-09 To amend Section 345.04 of the Codified Ordinances of Cleveland, Ohio, 1976, as amended by Ordinance No. 1891-07, passed December 10, 2007, relating to general industry districts.
  2. Ordinance No. 729-09:  To amend Section 343.01, 343.11 and 343.14 of the Codified Ordinances of Cleveland, Ohio, 1976, as amended by various ordinances; to repeal various sections in Chapters 325 and 343 of the Codified Ordinances; and to enact new sections in Chapter 325 of the Codified Ordinances relating to business districts and zoning definitions regarding auto repair and related businesses. 
  3. Ordinance No. 726-09 (Ward 15/Cummins):  Designating Saint Barbara Church, Rectory, and Convent as a Cleveland Landmark. 

Port Control

  1. Ordinance No. 697-09 (Ward 20/Sweeney) Authorizing the Director of Port Control to enter into a Lease Agreement with BP Products North America, Inc. for the operation of an aviation fuel storage and handling facility at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, for the Department of Port Control, for a period of ten years. 
  2. Ordinance No. 698-09 (Ward 20/Sweeney):  Authorizing the Director of Port Control to enter into a Lease Agreement with Bradford Airport Logistics to operate a centralized receiving and distribution center for all concessions operating at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, for the Department of Port Control, for a period of five years, with one option to renew for an additional five year period, exercisable by the Director of Port Control.
  3. Ordinance No. 699-09 Authorizing the Director of Port Control to issue rent credits to Mercury Air Services, LLC, under Contract No. 62837, for capital improvements made to their leasehold premises; and authorizing the Director to enter into an amendment to the contract regarding the rent credits.
  4. Ordinance No. 731-09 (Ward 20/Sweeney; Ward 13/Cimperman) Authorizing the Director of Port Control to enter into various leases and leases by way of concession with various companies for the use of certain Airport-owned space at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and Burke Lakefront Airport, for a period of two years, with two one-year options to renew, the first of which is exercisable through additional legislative authority. 

    Public Service
  5. Ordinance No. 700-09 (Ward 11/Polensek):  To amend Section 5 of Ordinance No. 689-08, passed June 2, 2008, relating to the Waterloo Streetscape project.
  6. Ordinance No. 701-09:  Authorizing the Director of Public Service to enter into one or more contract amendments to Contract No. 68583 with Charles P. Braman & Co., Inc. to perform appraisals, relocation service, project design, and other reviews on the West 74th Street Bridge, Madison Avenue Bridge, Harvard Avenue Bridge, and the East 79th Street Bridge.


  1. Ordinance No. 668-09 (Ward 21/Keane)Authorizing the Director of Economic Development to enter to enter into a Neighborhood Development Investment Fund contract with Kamm’s Area Realty Management, LLC to provide economic development assistance to partially finance the build-out and improvement of property located at 17404 Lorain Avenue, and other associated costs necessary to redevelop the property.  (Approved administratively 5/11/09)
  2. Ordinance No. 649-09 (Ward 17/Zone):  Authorizing the Director of Public Utilities to apply for and accept a Water Supply Revolving Loan Account loan to provide funding for the Morgan Chemical Facility Project; determining the method of making the public improvement of constructing the improvements; and authorizing the director to enter into one or more public improvement contracts for the making of the improvement.  (Approved administratively 5/19/09)
  3. Ordinance No. 199-09 (Ward 6/Mitchell) Authorizing the sale of real property as part of the Land Reutilization Program and located on scattered sites on Central and Golden Avenues in Fairfax Renaissance Development Corporation.  (Approved administratively 5/26/09)




1. NE 09 – 013 - Rainey Institute (C)
  • New Construction, Schematic Approval
  • Location: 1699 East 55th Street, Ward 7
  • Project Representative: Ted Horvath – Rainey Board President, Jeffrey Martin – Geis Construction

2. NE 09 – 014 – Collinwood GSA (C)

  • New Construction, Schematic Approval
  • Waterloo Design Review District
  • Location: East 152nd and Waterloo, Ward 11
  • Project Representative: Brian Osborne, Parkstone Capital Partners.



1.  UCDD 09-004 Key Bank – New Bank Branch – Final Approval 2nd Review (C) 

  • 1942 East 105th Street
  • Major Harrison – Brilliant Electric Sign



1. East 2009-011 - Fairfax Intergenerational Housing (C)


  • No assigned review district -  new construction multi-family
  • Conceptual Review Only
  • Central Avenue between E 79th & E 83rd
  • Jay Gardner & Anthony Whitfield - Fairfax Development Corporation