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Southeast Design Review Case Report


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Project Information

Southeast Case #  SE 2012-015

Address: 14110 Kinsman Road
Company: Creative Architectural Solutions, Inc

Free Standing sign


The committee did not support the origional sign that was presented.  The committee prefered the monument sign that was proposed for West 150th.  The applicant agreed to comply with the committee's request.  The applicant needs to submit plans and an application for the monument sign.

Committee Actions/Submissions

Date: June 15, 2012
Committee: Local Design Review Committee
Action Type: Initial Plan Submission

The applicant did not show up at the meeting, but the committee reviewed the proposed plans in his absence.

Date: June 27, 2012
Committee: Local Design Review Committee
Action Type: Approved

The committee is willing to approve a free standing sign if the applicant agrees to do a monument sign instead of a pole sign.  They requested that the sign height be reduced to 10 feet.