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Northeast Design Review Case Report


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Project Information

Northeast Case #  NE 2011-025

Address: Superior & E 51st
Company: Zaremba
Architect: Zaremba

Committee Actions/Submissions

Date: August 18, 2011
Committee: Staff
Action Type: Initial Plan Submission
Date: August 30, 2011
Committee: Staff
Action Type: Approved with Conditions
Motion to approve the project with the following conditions: 1). Signage on the building is to be reduced from a height of 36” to 30”. 2). The existing concrete walk in the front tree lawn is to be removed and replaced with grass. 3). The windows along the Superior (south elevation) are to be raised to the top of the awning and real glass is to be used where it can be applied. 4). Bulkhead is to be extended around the entire building (north, east, and west elevations. 5). The white panel color should be darkened. 6). The wall pack light fixtures are to be placed on each pilaster. 7). The parking stripes at the front door entrance should at the very least be an elevated concrete walk, if not landscaped. 8). In the middle section, above the bulkhead, a half-height block with vertical score should be used. 9). Columns should be wrapped around the rear of the building (north elevation).