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Southeast Design Review Case Report


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Project Information

Southeast Case #  SE 2017-024

Address: 12409-11 Buckeye Road
Company: City of Cleveland
Architect: TBD

The City of Cleveland Demolition Bureau will demolish a garage and the main structure at 12409-11 Buckeye Road, a 1-story brick commercial structure with a full basement attached to a 2-story brick structure, containing retail space and apartments with a full basement.

The main structure and garage have been condemned since November 28, 2012. Emma and Isabel Foster have owned the property since 1998. The owners have not made any efforts to redeem the property or bring it out of condemnation. It appears that this property has been vacant since November 2012, when a vacate order was issued. Since being condemned, the Department of Building and Housing has received at least 9 complaints regarding this property, and has been boarded it on 4 separate occasions. There is an outstanding tax bill in the amount of $8,220.39.

This property is considered a blighted structure that is a nuisance and is continually using city resources to maintain the property. After the structures are razed, the remaining land will be cleared, graded, and seeded with grass.


Committee Actions/Submissions

Date: November 3, 2017
Committee: Local Design Review Committee
Action Type: Initial Plan Submission
Date: November 8, 2017
Committee: Local Design Review Committee
Action Type: No Action Taken

The commitee did not have quorum, but those that were present recommended approval of the demolition.

Date: November 17, 2017
Committee: City Planning Commission
Action Type: Approved