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Far West Design Review Case Report


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Project Information

Far West Case #  FW 2017-003

Address: 4686 W 130th St
Company: Tribe Architects
Architect: Daryl Mapson

Partial demolition of existing structure.

Addition to and renovation of existing strucutre.

Installlation of gas pumps, gas pump canopy, screen walls, and parking lot.

Establish use as convenience store and gas station.


Project will require variance for split zoning.

Committee Actions/Submissions

Date: February 13, 2017
Committee: Staff
Action Type: Initial Plan Submission
Date: February 22, 2017
Committee: Local Design Review Committee
Action Type: Schematic Design Approval
  1. Landscape Plan: Provide schedule showing plant list, quantity, and size at time of planting. Schedule should match number of plants drawn on LS plan.
  2. Sign Plan: Size, color, location, and method of illumination should be provided for all signs on site, including free standing, wall, and awning.
  3. Provide photometric plan.
  4. Indicate location and type of all lights on site.
  5. Screen wall on Bennington Ave: Adjust location of wall to ensure adequte root space is available for proposed trees.
  6. Study Bennington Ave Facade: Consider running spandrel glass along the upper part of the first floor of this frontage. Consider bringing shingles further down wall. Consider recessing stucco, to create a shadow effect.
Date: March 15, 2017
Committee: Staff
Action Type: Revised Plan Submission
Date: March 22, 2017
Committee: Committee
Action Type: Approved

No Conditions.

1. Applicant is instructed to advise owner and operator that window signs require Design Review Approval and a permit. No new window signs should be erected without appropriate review and permit.

2. Applicant is instructed to advise owner and operator that we consider LED window trim to be an aesthetic alteration to the storefront and subject to design review. Committee would not recommend approval of LED trim if it is proposed.

3. Applicant may alter canopy design by breaking it up into multiple canopies/awnings, or keeping it a single canopy, as presented.

4. Suggest removing 'corner store' sign above entrance at NE corner, since this does not provide direct access to store.

5. Applicant is encouraged to study light warmth/wattage for the various fixtures so that all light on-site is coordinated.

6. Consider adding small, concrete bases to tree flood lights to protect against damage.

7. Bollards may be added, as needed, to prevent smash-and-grab ATM theft. Committee requests that any bollards installed be the minimum number necessary to effectuate security.

8. Verify UV rating of awnings. Committee suggests investing in a high-grade awning material to minimize maintenance and replacement needs.

Date: April 21, 2017
Committee: City Planning Commission
Action Type: Approved