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Northeast Design Review Case Report


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Project Information

Northeast Case #  NE 2016-036

Address: 1282 E. 125th St
Company: FDBTS, LLC
Architect: Tom Paul Architects

Proposed commerical rehabilitation and addition to an existing single story retail space.


Committee Actions/Submissions

Date: November 22, 2016
Committee: Staff
Action Type: Initial Plan Submission
Date: November 29, 2016
Committee: Local Design Review Committee
Action Type: Approved

Voting Members Present

  • P. Brown (CH)
  • A. Lukacsy-Love
  • B. Chew (1st)
  • C. Poh (2nd)
  • N. Reich


Project presented by Alan Berger of FDBTS, LLC.  Presented the project scope, existing conditions, the proposed renovations, landscaping, site amenities, and site acces.  Seeking preliminary development approval.


Committee Questions, Comments, Concerns

  • Were there windows on the Superior Ave elevation originally?
  • What are the materials of the existing elevations?
  • Will the windows be transparent?
  • What is the proposed lighting treatment of the building and site?
  • Is this too much lighting for the site and surrounding residential neighborhood?  Lighting levels should be consistent on the site.
  • How will the site be accessed by pedestrians from the surrounding neighborhood?  Can a path be created from E. 125th for pedestrian access?
  • Will the west parking lot be marked for employee access only?
  • Are there any color samples being presented today?
  • What are the proposed colors of the wall lights?
  • Can the Superior facade be studied further? Some suggestions from the Committee were to to possibly widened or enlarged the one transparent window; include spandrel window openings; transom windows; adding different bricks or colors.


Councilman Conwell and Carolyn Smith (Famicos) are in attendance and are available for comment on the project.  Cm Conwell states concerns about safety, lighting, and providing jobs for the immediate neighborhood.  His hope is that Family Dollar as a national chain will spur more businesses and economic development in the area.


Motion to approve the preliminary development plan with the condition to revisit the Superior Ave elevation with a focus on using design elements to make it more pedestrian friendly, refine the lighting plan, provide a walkway for pedestrian access from E. 125th St., and provide color samples.  Project intended to return on 12/13.

Date: December 6, 2016
Committee: Staff
Action Type: Revised Plan Submission
Date: December 13, 2016
Committee: Local Design Review Committee
Action Type: Tabled

Voting Members Present

  • P. Brown
  • R. Nieswander
  • B. Chew (1st)
  • C. Poh (2nd)
  • E. Turner (CH)
  • N. Reich


Project presented by Chuck Colombo and Michael Berger of FDBTS, Inc.  Revised plans intended to address pedestrian path from E. 125th St, refined signage and lighting, material samples, and south elevation.


Committee Comments, Questions, Concerns

  • Can you discuss the need for the amount of lighting being proposed.  The lighting is comparable to the light needed fro prison grounds (referencing Lebanon Correctional facility at 7 foot candles).  It seems that there is more lighting than what was originally proposed.  Concerned that it will create light pollution.  Suggestion to cut the levels to half (3-5 foot candles, w/5 foot at the perimeter).  The design of the luminaire can mitigate some of the issues and still illuminate the sidewalks, but can be cut off at the residential property line.
  • Showing new window openings with one transparent and three simulated/spandrel windows.
  • Can the signage be centered over the windows for the east and south elevation?
  • The red band is interrupted on the east elevation.  Complete the red banding on the east elevation.


Lothario Marchmon from Famicos Foundation is present to comment on the site design, etc.  He cautions about making decisions for the site based on the current existing conditions surrounding the subject property.  The proposed amount of lighting suggests that the area will continue to be unsafe.  Would like the site to be as welcoming as possible.


Motion to table with the contingent that the photometric study of the site be revised to an acceptable level, with an average 5 fc as the maximum; center signage on south elevation over the windows; and include the red band to surround the entire cantilevered canopy.  Motion passed by all Committee members present.