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Northeast Design Review Case Report


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Project Information

Northeast Case #  NE 2016-024

Address: 10515 St. Clair Ave
Company: Whitley & Whitley Architects
Architect: Scott Whitley

Proposed exterior modifications to include two renovated storefronts, outdoor patio, and fencing.


Committee Actions/Submissions

Date: August 23, 2016
Committee: Staff
Action Type: Initial Plan Submission
Date: August 30, 2016
Committee: Local Design Review Committee
Action Type: Approved

Voting Members Present

  • N. Reich
  • C. Poh
  • E. Turner (CH)
  • S. Nieswander (1st)
  • B. Chew
  • A. Lukacsy
  • P. Brown (2nd)


Project presented by Scott Whitley of Whitley/Whitley Architects.  Presented the vision behind the design concept of "The New Eastside Market", patio, parking and restriping, new entrances with massing, color scheme, proposed materials, grocery and wellness uses, pedestrian pathway, and other selective site modifications.  In attendance are Councilmembers Conwell & Johnson, Khrys Sheffton & Mike Palcisco (Famicos Foundation), Doug Peck, Mr. Mazzulo, and other members of the development team.  Decided to seeking final development approval for the exterior modification only today.


Committee Questions, Comments, Concerns

  • Would like to see an overall site plan that includes the building, parking lot, removal of trees and patio.
  • Suggest removing the adjacent section of fence and using that for the walkway from St. Clair.
  • Why is the massing on both entrances so tall?  Seems overwhelming the pedestrian scale.
  • Where exactly is the archway?
  • Consider the raised walkway at Severance Center when redesigning the proposed walkway, because the speedbumps with raised walkway seems to be redundant.
  • Would also like a landscape plan for the planters and plazas.
  • Is there a second story to the building or are those clerestory windows?
  • Will the grocer want their name on the building?
  • Will there be a parcel pick-up area?  Needs to be shown on the overall site plan.
  • How will this model be more successful than previous attempts?
  • Signage is not being reviewed at this time, but the grand marquis is a major aspect of the new design concept.
  • There will be lighting under the awning.
  • What is the material of the awning? Cloth sumbrella material that is fade resistant.
  • Are the bollards lit around the patio?
  • Will the bollard/seating area be removed from the access route for the pedestrians on the pathway?
  • Would like an elevation for the west side of the building because of the entrance.
  • Instead of a false entrance should consider removing the awning/canopy to completely close it off.  Can the doors be covered with some type of panel, but keep the awning/canopy. Or convert the doorway to an opaque window.
  • Perhaps opening up the ends of the cart area with glass so that the storefront appears less massive.
  • Is there downlighting under the soffit as well? Yes.



Councilman Conwell made remarks on what he's heard from the community about their grocer/market needs.  He also spoke about the current time constraints of the project and how this project will lead new development/renovation efforts at this location.


Councilman Johnson made remarks on the history of the market at this location and why following the Westside Market example was not successful.  Would like to mix the urban with the suburban to enhance the feel and recreate this as a destination location for the area.


Motion to approve with condition that the site development comes back for review at a later date, lower entrances to align with the existing eave of the building, convert the west entrance to an opaque window, create opening in the cart area with windows.