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Southeast Design Review Case Report


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Project Information

Southeast Case #  SE 2016-014

Address: 13900 Miles
Architect: Matthew Miller

Partial demolition of an industrial building.


Letter to Mr. Gu and his architect, Matt Miller


Good morning,

 I have received the documents that you sent and had a discussion with Marka Fields as well as the chief magistrate here at the Housing Court. In order to get a provisional demo permit to remove just the remainder of the burned out buildings (above ground) the commission would like to know that the concrete slab and back wall would be demolished and backfilled if plans to sell the property fall through, or if the new owner does not follow through with plans for the property. To do this I would draft conditions under your community control that would require for funds to be deposited in an account with the court to cover the costs of demolition of the concrete at some time in the future. If the purchasing company makes good on their plan then Gusto International can file a motion with the court to have those funds released from the court. If the purchaser does not follow through on the plans submitted then the funds on deposit would be used to demo and backfill the remainder of the lot.

I have submitted this action plan to Ms. Fields to try to help facilitate getting this process moving forward. Any decision to grant the demo permit still lies with the commission.



Within the next 30 days you will need to provide three (3) written estimates to demo and backfill the concrete sections of the lot. For clarification, this would be the cost to remove the remaining concrete after the building (above ground) has been properly demolished.


Erika Jefferson


Housing Court Specialist

Cleveland Municipal Court – Housing Division




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