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Near West Design Review Case Report


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Project Information

Near West Case #  NW 2016-013

Address: 4140 Pearl Road
Company: Wagner Electric Sign Co.
Architect: Wagner Electric Sign Co.

Proposed installation of 2 wall-mounted business ID signs & 4 banner-style promotional signs on the facade of the historic Krather Building, a designated Cleveland Landmark building in Downtown Old Brooklyn.  Note:  Due to the lack of a formal Landmarks Advisory Committee, the Near West Design Review Committee will serve as the advisory body to the Cleveland Landmarks Commission.


Committee Actions/Submissions

Date: March 18, 2016
Committee: Staff
Action Type: Initial Plan Submission
Date: April 13, 2016
Committee: Local Design Review Committee
Action Type: Tabled

Committee moved to recommend tabling action on the proposed signs in order to permit the sponsor to re-study the sign designs and their placement and submit a revised proposal.  Committee was reluctant to recommend approval of the large banner-style signs on the Pearl Rd. frontage given that such signs are only permitted for a four-month period by code.  It was suggested that a blade-style permanent sign be explored.  Also, it was recommended that the size and color of the proposed canopy sign be re-thought to make it a more bold & prominent feature.  Finally, the sponsor was asked to consider the elimination of the wall sign at the non-usable SE corner door in order to permit the re-designed canopy signage to highlight the school's main entrance to the north along Pearl Rd. 

Date: May 4, 2016
Committee: Local Design Review Committee
Action Type: Revised Plan Submission
Date: May 11, 2016
Committee: Local Design Review Committee
Action Type: Approved with Conditions

Committee moved to recommend approval of the blade sign location and design, as presented with the understanding that the sign's color accurately matches the metal color of the storefront.  With respect to the wall sign on the north facade, the Committee felt it appeared oversized.  Committee moved to recommend a reduction in the size of the whole sign face or, if the sign face size were to remain as proposed (and cover a pre-existing painted sign), the addition of a 1' to 2'-wide border to frame the sign and reduce its effective size relative to the building facade.  The Landmarks Commission should serve to determine which option should be applied to the wall sign.