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Northeast Design Review Case Report


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Project Information

Northeast Case #  NE 2015-030

Address: 317 E. 156th St
Company: NES Dev Corp
Architect: EDG

Proposed construction of a new parking lot with bio-swale and other green features.


Committee Actions/Submissions

Date: December 8, 2015
Committee: Staff
Action Type: Initial Plan Submission
Date: December 15, 2015
Committee: Local Design Review Committee
Action Type: Approved with Conditions

Voting Members Present

  • B. Chew (1st)
  • P. Brown (2nd)
  • E. Turner (CH)
  • N. Reich


Project was presented by J. Boksanksy (NES) and K. Mohler (EDG).  NES is working with NEORSD and Western Reserve Land Conservancy for grant funding.  They are proposing pervious materials for the parking lot, edible plants, fruit trees, a cistern, solor powered bollards, and a bioswale.  The site was assembled via landbank property.  The fuller vision for this building is to be converted to live-work space for artists with studio/gallery on the first floor and residences on the second floor.


Committee Concerns

  • Will there be screening provided for the adjacent residential use?
  • Is there a fence required per code? Landscaping will be provided for the required opacity.
  • Committee would like to see a full landscape plan for the site. When would the fruit trees be able to bear fruit? The trees seem to be small.
  • Will there be additional murals added to the site?
  • Where will the dumpster be located? In a space in the middle of the lot that will be enclosed and still allow access for trash to be removed.

    Motion to approve the project with the condition that NES submits a final landscape plan showing the screening material for the adjacent residential property to the east of the parking lot and the street frontage screening.