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Far West Design Review Case Report


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Project Information

Far West Case #  FW 2015-022

Address: 4059 Rocky River Dr
Company: Brothers Pizza

C of O permit application submitted with hand drawn site plan. No other information provided.


Meeting scheduled with applicant for 11/11/15

Committee Actions/Submissions

Date: October 29, 2015
Committee: Staff
Action Type: Initial Plan Submission

Site plan submitted in design review district to establish use as a pizza shop. Site plan does not contain adequate detail. No sign plan or elevations provided.

Date: October 30, 2015
Committee: Staff
Action Type: Incomplete Plan Notification
Date: November 10, 2015
Committee: Staff
Action Type: Resubmittal

Met with applicant and Kamm's Corners Development Corp on site. Determined that design review approval would not be needed at this stage since applicant is only trying to obtain C of O for use that the building was originally designed for. Also determined that demanding site improvements, at this stage, would result in a long-term vacancy of property. Applicant has been informed that a sign package will require design review in the future and that site upgrades are expected once business is up and running.

Date: November 11, 2015
Committee: Staff
Action Type: Administrative Approval