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Southeast Design Review Case Report


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Project Information

Southeast Case #  SE 2009-012

Address: 11001 Union Avenue
Owner/Rep: Pam
Architect: Mike Wilgor
Description: repair old fence, install new fence and install new sign
This case was approved by BZA for the fence with the recommendations of the BRD at the August 24th hearing.

Committee Actions/Submissions

Committee: BRD CPC
Action Date: May 13, 2009
Action Type: Approved with Conditions
The committee approved the project with the following conditions:
- Extend the corrugated fence up to 10 feet and cap the top to finish it off
-remove the barbed wire and the chain link fence
-The fence should stop at the edge of the Church building
-paint the fence to match the building

FRONT FENCE (along Union Ave.)
-paint the fence black
-plant shrubs in 6' planting bed behind the fence for screening (should be high and dense enough to hide the material being stored on the property).

-Lengthen the sign by 1 foot on either side to leave some white space on the ends
-keep the sign inside the brick sign area (clear the brick about an inch on the top and bottom).

***They also suggested that the exterior of the building be upgraded and windows that are boarded up be replaced.
Committee: BRD CPC
Action Date: April 23, 2009
Action Type: Plan Submission