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Near West Design Review Case Report


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Project Information

Near West Case #  NW 2009-007

Address: 2520-2560 W. 25th Street
Owner/Rep: Columbo Enterprises Inc.
Architect: Joseph Hollis, BVJ Consultants
Description: Fence Repair/Parking Repavement
Cited for code violations, must update fence/parking.

Committee Actions/Submissions

Committee: BRD CPC
Action Date: March 25, 2009
Action Type: Approved with Conditions
Motion to approve the proposal for cosmetic improvements to fencing and landscaping with the following conditions: 1). Removal of barb wire from fence. 2). Repair any portion of broken fencing. 3). Paint fence black for portions from Potter Court to Queen Avenue and along Queen Ave, from the corner of W. 25th to the gate opening.

Landscaping approved as presented.
Committee: BRD CPC
Action Date: February 18, 2009
Action Type: Plan Submission
Plan received by staff. Staff met with applicant to discuss submitting a consolidated site plan for the two properties in question.