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Near West Design Review Case Report


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Project Information

Near West Case #  NW 2009-001

Address: 5110 Clark Ave.
Owner/Rep: Hishan Zaba
Architect: Carl Paul Gulla Jr.
Description: New fencing and landscaping
Previously appeared at BOZA, where a variance was granted with the approval of the following elements undergoing design review:
1). The location and design of proposed 6 foot and 8 foot tall screening fences along the perimeter of the property.
2). Landscaping in and around the fence lines and pylon sign area.
3). The location and design of decorative fencing on Clark Ave. frontage and along the W. 51st St. side of property to control access to property.

Committee Actions/Submissions

Committee: BRD CPC
Action Date: February 25, 2009
Action Type: Approved with Conditions
Committee moved to approve the applicant's design with the understanding that the following conditions will apply:

1. Install a 4'-tall black flat top ornamental fence along the Clark Avenue and West 51st Street frontages.
2. Install 3 bollards - two of which to be placed at either end of the ornamental fence along Clark Avenue where it meets the curb entrances and one at the south end of the ornamental fence along West 51st Street where it meets the curb apron. Bollards are to be at least 4'-tall and 8"-thick, and shall be painted black. For safety purposes, a yellow plastic top reflective strip shall also be installed.
3. The width of the pedestrian walkway entrance at the property's northeast corner is to be 42".
4. Install landscaping in the property's southeast corner and along the property's northern edge, as indicated in the drawings dated 2/19/09.
Committee: BRD CPC
Action Date: February 5, 2009
Action Type: Plan Submission
Planners Trevor Hunt and George Cantor had an in-house meeting with Hishan Zaba to discuss the particulars of the project and to inform him to submit drawings via email to distribute to the committee.