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In the general area of Safety, Cleveland faces a number of issues, and specific challenges under each, that must be addressed:

  • Areas Perceived as Unsafe
    • Areas of concentrated dilapidation
    • Graffiti
    • Youth loitering
  • Gangs
    • Young adults neither enrolled in school nor gainfully employed
    • Juvenile delinquency
  • Crimes against Seniors
    • Predatory lending
    • Predatory home repair and maintenance services
    • The vulnerability of many seniors to these scams
  • Police-Community Relations
    • Low level of familiarity and trust between police officers and residents
    • Poor relationship between police officers and neighborhood youth
    • Limited visibility of police officers in problem areas
  • Police Resources and Deployment
    • Insufficient police officers and resources with which to meet community needs
    • Poor response times
  • Community Responsibility and Involvement
    • Lack of neighbor-to-neighbor communication and dialogue regarding criminal activity
    • Lack of open, honest communication with police officers
    • Lack of adult supervision and visibility in neighborhoods
    • Not enough neighborhood Block Watches and community councils to address neighborhood concerns and propose solutions
    • Lack of appreciation on the part of the voting public for the dynamics of alienation and the nurturing of hope and a sense of belonging
  • Factors Contributing to Alienation and Youth Crime
    • Lack of accessible education and employment options
    • Drug addiction
    • Negative peer pressure
    • Family problems
    • Childhood trauma, including witnessed violence, whose symptoms often go unrecognized, and which lead to the “short-circuiting” of rational thought, triggering survival-mode responses in threatening situations—and responses from law enforcement personnel or educators that only reinforce these destructive, self-defeating behaviors

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