The proposed transportation map identifies major improvements proposed to the roadway system and shows opportunities for major trail development that would increase the options for non-motorized transportation.  The projects on the map are identified using the labeling system that is described below.

Labeling System
The development opportunities described in the Citywide Plan are individually labeled using a combination of numbers and letters that represent the district where the opportunity is located and the type of opportunity. An opportunity that is located in more than one district will have a separate label for each district in which it is located.

The labeling system follows the following convention :
(District Number).(Topic Letter).(Order in Opportunity List based on Geography)

Example: 5.H.1
The first number is the planning district in which the opportunity is located. There are six planning districts (based upon police district boundaries) which range in number from 1 to 6.
A letter follows the number and indicates the type of opportunity it is. The topics and their corresponding letters in the labeling system are:
H – Housing
R – Retail
E – Economic Development
A – Arts and Culture
P – Recreation
T – Transportation and Transit
S – Key School Projects

Finally, the last number in the label indicates the opportunity’s position on the list describing the opportunities for that district and topic. The opportunities identified are ordered based upon their geographic location, not their priority. For each district the opportunities are generally numbered from west to east and north to south.

For example, 5.H.1 indicates a housing opportunity in Planning District 5 that is located generally in the western or northern portion of that district.